/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __SAA7146_VV__
#define __SAA7146_VV__

#include <media/v4l2-common.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ioctl.h>
#include <media/v4l2-fh.h>
#include <media/drv-intf/saa7146.h>
#include <media/videobuf-dma-sg.h>

#define MAX_SAA7146_CAPTURE_BUFFERS	32	/* arbitrary */
#define BUFFER_TIMEOUT     (HZ/2)  /* 0.5 seconds */

#define WRITE_RPS0(x) do { \
	dev->d_rps0.cpu_addr[ count++ ] = cpu_to_le32(x); \
	} while (0);

#define WRITE_RPS1(x) do { \
	dev->d_rps1.cpu_addr[ count++ ] = cpu_to_le32(x); \
	} while (0);

struct	saa7146_video_dma {
	u32 base_odd;
	u32 base_even;
	u32 prot_addr;
	u32 pitch;
	u32 base_page;
	u32 num_line_byte;

#define FORMAT_BYTE_SWAP	0x1
#define FORMAT_IS_PLANAR	0x2

struct saa7146_format {
	u32	pixelformat;
	u32	trans;
	u8	depth;
	u8	flags;
	u8	swap;

struct saa7146_standard
	char          *name;
	v4l2_std_id   id;

	int v_offset;	/* number of lines of vertical offset before processing */
	int v_field;	/* number of lines in a field for HPS to process */

	int h_offset;	/* horizontal offset of processing window */
	int h_pixels;	/* number of horizontal pixels to process */

	int v_max_out;
	int h_max_out;

/* buffer for one video/vbi frame */
struct saa7146_buf {
	/* common v4l buffer stuff -- must be first */
	struct videobuf_buffer vb;

	/* saa7146 specific */
	struct v4l2_pix_format  *fmt;
	int (*activate)(struct saa7146_dev *dev,
			struct saa7146_buf *buf,
			struct saa7146_buf *next);

	/* page tables */
	struct saa7146_pgtable  pt[3];

struct saa7146_dmaqueue {
	struct saa7146_dev	*dev;
	struct saa7146_buf	*curr;
	struct list_head	queue;
	struct timer_list	timeout;

struct saa7146_overlay {
	struct saa7146_fh	*fh;
	struct v4l2_window	win;
	struct v4l2_clip	clips[16];
	int			nclips;

/* per open data */
struct saa7146_fh {
	/* Must be the first field! */
	struct v4l2_fh		fh;
	struct saa7146_dev	*dev;

	/* video capture */
	struct videobuf_queue	video_q;

	/* vbi capture */
	struct videobuf_queue	vbi_q;

	unsigned int resources;	/* resource management for device open */

#define STATUS_OVERLAY	0x01
#define STATUS_CAPTURE	0x02

struct saa7146_vv
	/* vbi capture */
	struct saa7146_dmaqueue		vbi_dmaq;
	struct v4l2_vbi_format		vbi_fmt;
	struct timer_list		vbi_read_timeout;
	struct file			*vbi_read_timeout_file;
	/* vbi workaround interrupt queue */
	wait_queue_head_t		vbi_wq;
	int				vbi_fieldcount;
	struct saa7146_fh		*vbi_streaming;

	int				video_status;
	struct saa7146_fh		*video_fh;

	/* video overlay */
	struct saa7146_overlay		ov;
	struct v4l2_framebuffer		ov_fb;
	struct saa7146_format		*ov_fmt;
	struct saa7146_fh		*ov_suspend;

	/* video capture */
	struct saa7146_dmaqueue		video_dmaq;
	struct v4l2_pix_format		video_fmt;
	enum v4l2_field			last_field;

	/* common: fixme? shouldn't this be in saa7146_fh?
	   (this leads to a more complicated question: shall the driver
	   store the different settings (for example S_INPUT) for every open
	   and restore it appropriately, or should all settings be common for
	   all opens? currently, we do the latter, like all other
	   drivers do... */
	struct saa7146_standard	*standard;

	int	vflip;
	int	hflip;
	int	current_hps_source;
	int	current_hps_sync;

	struct saa7146_dma	d_clipping;	/* pointer to clipping memory */

	unsigned int resources;	/* resource management for device */

/* flags */
#define SAA7146_USE_PORT_B_FOR_VBI	0x2     /* use input port b for vbi hardware bug workaround */

struct saa7146_ext_vv
	/* information about the video capabilities of the device */
	int	inputs;
	int	audios;
	u32	capabilities;
	int	flags;

	/* additionally supported transmission standards */
	struct saa7146_standard *stds;
	int num_stds;
	int (*std_callback)(struct saa7146_dev*, struct saa7146_standard *);

	/* the extension can override this */
	struct v4l2_ioctl_ops vid_ops;
	struct v4l2_ioctl_ops vbi_ops;
	/* pointer to the saa7146 core ops */
	const struct v4l2_ioctl_ops *core_ops;

	struct v4l2_file_operations vbi_fops;

struct saa7146_use_ops  {
	void (*init)(struct saa7146_dev *, struct saa7146_vv *);
	int(*open)(struct saa7146_dev *, struct file *);
	void (*release)(struct saa7146_dev *, struct file *);
	void (*irq_done)(struct saa7146_dev *, unsigned long status);
	ssize_t (*read)(struct file *, char __user *, size_t, loff_t *);

/* from saa7146_fops.c */
int saa7146_register_device(struct video_device *vid, struct saa7146_dev *dev, char *name, int type);
int saa7146_unregister_device(struct video_device *vid, struct saa7146_dev *dev);
void saa7146_buffer_finish(struct saa7146_dev *dev, struct saa7146_dmaqueue *q, int state);
void saa7146_buffer_next(struct saa7146_dev *dev, struct saa7146_dmaqueue *q,int vbi);
int saa7146_buffer_queue(struct saa7146_dev *dev, struct saa7146_dmaqueue *q, struct saa7146_buf *buf);
void saa7146_buffer_timeout(struct timer_list *t);
void saa7146_dma_free(struct saa7146_dev* dev,struct videobuf_queue *q,
						struct saa7146_buf *buf);

int saa7146_vv_init(struct saa7146_dev* dev, struct saa7146_ext_vv *ext_vv);
int saa7146_vv_release(struct saa7146_dev* dev);

/* from saa7146_hlp.c */
int saa7146_enable_overlay(struct saa7146_fh *fh);
void saa7146_disable_overlay(struct saa7146_fh *fh);

void saa7146_set_capture(struct saa7146_dev *dev, struct saa7146_buf *buf, struct saa7146_buf *next);
void saa7146_write_out_dma(struct saa7146_dev* dev, int which, struct saa7146_video_dma* vdma) ;
void saa7146_set_hps_source_and_sync(struct saa7146_dev *saa, int source, int sync);
void saa7146_set_gpio(struct saa7146_dev *saa, u8 pin, u8 data);

/* from saa7146_video.c */
extern const struct v4l2_ioctl_ops saa7146_video_ioctl_ops;
extern const struct v4l2_ioctl_ops saa7146_vbi_ioctl_ops;
extern const struct saa7146_use_ops saa7146_video_uops;
int saa7146_start_preview(struct saa7146_fh *fh);
int saa7146_stop_preview(struct saa7146_fh *fh);
long saa7146_video_do_ioctl(struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, void *arg);
int saa7146_s_ctrl(struct v4l2_ctrl *ctrl);

/* from saa7146_vbi.c */
extern const struct saa7146_use_ops saa7146_vbi_uops;

/* resource management functions */
int saa7146_res_get(struct saa7146_fh *fh, unsigned int bit);
void saa7146_res_free(struct saa7146_fh *fh, unsigned int bits);

#define RESOURCE_DMA1_HPS	0x1
#define RESOURCE_DMA2_CLP	0x2
#define RESOURCE_DMA3_BRS	0x4

/* saa7146 source inputs */
#define SAA7146_HPS_SOURCE_PORT_A	0x00
#define SAA7146_HPS_SOURCE_PORT_B	0x01
#define SAA7146_HPS_SOURCE_YPB_CPA	0x02
#define SAA7146_HPS_SOURCE_YPA_CPB	0x03

/* sync inputs */
#define SAA7146_HPS_SYNC_PORT_A		0x00
#define SAA7146_HPS_SYNC_PORT_B		0x01

/* some memory sizes */
/* max. 16 clipping rectangles */
#define SAA7146_CLIPPING_MEM	(16 * 4 * sizeof(u32))

/* some defines for the various clipping-modes */
#define SAA7146_CLIPPING_RECT		0x4
#define SAA7146_CLIPPING_MASK		0x6

/* output formats: each entry holds four information */
#define RGB08_COMPOSED	0x0217 /* composed is used in the sense of "not-planar" */
/* this means: planar?=0, yuv2rgb-conversation-mode=2, dither=yes(=1), format-mode = 7 */
#define RGB15_COMPOSED	0x0213
#define RGB16_COMPOSED	0x0210
#define RGB24_COMPOSED	0x0201
#define RGB32_COMPOSED	0x0202

#define Y8			0x0006
#define YUV411_COMPOSED		0x0003
#define YUV422_COMPOSED		0x0000
/* this means: planar?=1, yuv2rgb-conversion-mode=0, dither=no(=0), format-mode = b */
#define YUV411_DECOMPOSED	0x100b
#define YUV422_DECOMPOSED	0x1009
#define YUV420_DECOMPOSED	0x100a

#define IS_PLANAR(x) (x & 0xf000)

/* misc defines */
#define SAA7146_NO_SWAP		(0x0)
#define SAA7146_TWO_BYTE_SWAP	(0x1)
#define SAA7146_FOUR_BYTE_SWAP	(0x2)