/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Marvell RVU Admin Function driver
 * Copyright (C) 2018 Marvell.

#ifndef RVU_H
#define RVU_H

#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <net/devlink.h>

#include "rvu_struct.h"
#include "rvu_devlink.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "mbox.h"
#include "npc.h"
#include "rvu_reg.h"
#include "ptp.h"

/* PCI device IDs */
#define	PCI_DEVID_OCTEONTX2_LBK			0xA061

/* Subsystem Device ID */
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_98XX                  0xB100
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_96XX                  0xB200
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_CN10K_A	       0xB900
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_CNF10K_A	       0xBA00
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_CNF10K_B              0xBC00
#define PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_CN10K_B               0xBD00

/* PCI BAR nos */
#define	PCI_AF_REG_BAR_NUM			0
#define	PCI_PF_REG_BAR_NUM			2
#define	PCI_MBOX_BAR_NUM			4

#define NAME_SIZE				32
#define MAX_NIX_BLKS				2
#define MAX_CPT_BLKS				2

/* PF_FUNC */
#define RVU_PFVF_PF_SHIFT	10
#define RVU_PFVF_PF_MASK	0x3F

struct dump_ctx {
	int	lf;
	int	id;
	bool	all;

struct cpt_ctx {
	int blkaddr;
	struct rvu *rvu;

struct rvu_debugfs {
	struct dentry *root;
	struct dentry *cgx_root;
	struct dentry *cgx;
	struct dentry *lmac;
	struct dentry *npa;
	struct dentry *nix;
	struct dentry *npc;
	struct dentry *cpt;
	struct dentry *mcs_root;
	struct dentry *mcs;
	struct dentry *mcs_rx;
	struct dentry *mcs_tx;
	struct dump_ctx npa_aura_ctx;
	struct dump_ctx npa_pool_ctx;
	struct dump_ctx nix_cq_ctx;
	struct dump_ctx nix_rq_ctx;
	struct dump_ctx nix_sq_ctx;
	struct cpt_ctx cpt_ctx[MAX_CPT_BLKS];
	int npa_qsize_id;
	int nix_qsize_id;

struct rvu_work {
	struct	work_struct work;
	struct	rvu *rvu;
	int num_msgs;
	int up_num_msgs;

struct rsrc_bmap {
	unsigned long *bmap;	/* Pointer to resource bitmap */
	u16  max;		/* Max resource id or count */

struct rvu_block {
	struct rsrc_bmap	lf;
	struct admin_queue	*aq; /* NIX/NPA AQ */
	u16  *fn_map; /* LF to pcifunc mapping */
	bool multislot;
	bool implemented;
	u8   addr;  /* RVU_BLOCK_ADDR_E */
	u8   type;  /* RVU_BLOCK_TYPE_E */
	u8   lfshift;
	u64  lookup_reg;
	u64  pf_lfcnt_reg;
	u64  vf_lfcnt_reg;
	u64  lfcfg_reg;
	u64  msixcfg_reg;
	u64  lfreset_reg;
	unsigned char name[NAME_SIZE];
	struct rvu *rvu;
	u64 cpt_flt_eng_map[3];
	u64 cpt_rcvrd_eng_map[3];

struct nix_mcast {
	struct qmem	*mce_ctx;
	struct qmem	*mcast_buf;
	int		replay_pkind;
	int		next_free_mce;
	struct mutex	mce_lock; /* Serialize MCE updates */

struct nix_mce_list {
	struct hlist_head	head;
	int			count;
	int			max;

/* layer metadata to uniquely identify a packet header field */
struct npc_layer_mdata {
	u8 lid;
	u8 ltype;
	u8 hdr;
	u8 key;
	u8 len;

/* Structure to represent a field present in the
 * generated key. A key field may present anywhere and can
 * be of any size in the generated key. Once this structure
 * is populated for fields of interest then field's presence
 * and location (if present) can be known.
struct npc_key_field {
	/* Masks where all set bits indicate position
	 * of a field in the key
	u64 kw_mask[NPC_MAX_KWS_IN_KEY];
	/* Number of words in the key a field spans. If a field is
	 * of 16 bytes and key offset is 4 then the field will use
	 * 4 bytes in KW0, 8 bytes in KW1 and 4 bytes in KW2 and
	 * nr_kws will be 3(KW0, KW1 and KW2).
	int nr_kws;
	/* used by packet header fields */
	struct npc_layer_mdata layer_mdata;

struct npc_mcam {
	struct rsrc_bmap counters;
	struct mutex	lock;	/* MCAM entries and counters update lock */
	unsigned long	*bmap;		/* bitmap, 0 => bmap_entries */
	unsigned long	*bmap_reverse;	/* Reverse bitmap, bmap_entries => 0 */
	u16	bmap_entries;	/* Number of unreserved MCAM entries */
	u16	bmap_fcnt;	/* MCAM entries free count */
	u16	*entry2pfvf_map;
	u16	*entry2cntr_map;
	u16	*cntr2pfvf_map;
	u16	*cntr_refcnt;
	u16	*entry2target_pffunc;
	u8	keysize;	/* MCAM keysize 112/224/448 bits */
	u8	banks;		/* Number of MCAM banks */
	u8	banks_per_entry;/* Number of keywords in key */
	u16	banksize;	/* Number of MCAM entries in each bank */
	u16	total_entries;	/* Total number of MCAM entries */
	u16	nixlf_offset;	/* Offset of nixlf rsvd uncast entries */
	u16	pf_offset;	/* Offset of PF's rsvd bcast, promisc entries */
	u16	lprio_count;
	u16	lprio_start;
	u16	hprio_count;
	u16	hprio_end;
	u16     rx_miss_act_cntr; /* Counter for RX MISS action */
	/* fields present in the generated key */
	struct npc_key_field	tx_key_fields[NPC_KEY_FIELDS_MAX];
	struct npc_key_field	rx_key_fields[NPC_KEY_FIELDS_MAX];
	u64	tx_features;
	u64	rx_features;
	struct list_head mcam_rules;

/* Structure for per RVU func info ie PF/VF */
struct rvu_pfvf {
	bool		npalf; /* Only one NPALF per RVU_FUNC */
	bool		nixlf; /* Only one NIXLF per RVU_FUNC */
	u16		sso;
	u16		ssow;
	u16		cptlfs;
	u16		timlfs;
	u16		cpt1_lfs;
	u8		cgx_lmac;

	/* Block LF's MSIX vector info */
	struct rsrc_bmap msix;      /* Bitmap for MSIX vector alloc */
#define MSIX_BLKLF(blkaddr, lf) (((blkaddr) << 8) | ((lf) & 0xFF))
	u16		 *msix_lfmap; /* Vector to block LF mapping */

	/* NPA contexts */
	struct qmem	*aura_ctx;
	struct qmem	*pool_ctx;
	struct qmem	*npa_qints_ctx;
	unsigned long	*aura_bmap;
	unsigned long	*pool_bmap;

	/* NIX contexts */
	struct qmem	*rq_ctx;
	struct qmem	*sq_ctx;
	struct qmem	*cq_ctx;
	struct qmem	*rss_ctx;
	struct qmem	*cq_ints_ctx;
	struct qmem	*nix_qints_ctx;
	unsigned long	*sq_bmap;
	unsigned long	*rq_bmap;
	unsigned long	*cq_bmap;

	u16		rx_chan_base;
	u16		tx_chan_base;
	u8              rx_chan_cnt; /* total number of RX channels */
	u8              tx_chan_cnt; /* total number of TX channels */
	u16		maxlen;
	u16		minlen;

	bool		hw_rx_tstamp_en; /* Is rx_tstamp enabled */
	u8		mac_addr[ETH_ALEN]; /* MAC address of this PF/VF */
	u8		default_mac[ETH_ALEN]; /* MAC address from FWdata */

	/* Broadcast/Multicast/Promisc pkt replication info */
	u16			bcast_mce_idx;
	u16			mcast_mce_idx;
	u16			promisc_mce_idx;
	struct nix_mce_list	bcast_mce_list;
	struct nix_mce_list	mcast_mce_list;
	struct nix_mce_list	promisc_mce_list;
	bool			use_mce_list;

	struct rvu_npc_mcam_rule *def_ucast_rule;

	bool	cgx_in_use; /* this PF/VF using CGX? */
	int	cgx_users;  /* number of cgx users - used only by PFs */

	int     intf_mode;
	u8	nix_blkaddr; /* BLKADDR_NIX0/1 assigned to this PF */
	u8	nix_rx_intf; /* NIX0_RX/NIX1_RX interface to NPC */
	u8	nix_tx_intf; /* NIX0_TX/NIX1_TX interface to NPC */
	u8	lbkid;	     /* NIX0/1 lbk link ID */
	u64     lmt_base_addr; /* Preseving the pcifunc's lmtst base addr*/
	u64     lmt_map_ent_w1; /* Preseving the word1 of lmtst map table entry*/
	unsigned long flags;
	struct  sdp_node_info *sdp_info;

enum rvu_pfvf_flags {


struct nix_txsch {
	struct rsrc_bmap schq;
	u8   lvl;
#define NIX_TXSCHQ_FREE		      BIT_ULL(1)
#define NIX_TXSCHQ_CFG_DONE	      BIT_ULL(0)
#define TXSCH_MAP_FUNC(__pfvf_map)    ((__pfvf_map) & 0xFFFF)
#define TXSCH_MAP_FLAGS(__pfvf_map)   ((__pfvf_map) >> 16)
#define TXSCH_MAP(__func, __flags)    (((__func) & 0xFFFF) | ((__flags) << 16))
#define TXSCH_SET_FLAG(__pfvf_map, flag)    ((__pfvf_map) | ((flag) << 16))
	u32  *pfvf_map;

struct nix_mark_format {
	u8 total;
	u8 in_use;
	u32 *cfg;

/* smq(flush) to tl1 cir/pir info */
struct nix_smq_tree_ctx {
	u64 cir_off;
	u64 cir_val;
	u64 pir_off;
	u64 pir_val;

/* smq flush context */
struct nix_smq_flush_ctx {
	int smq;
	u16 tl1_schq;
	u16 tl2_schq;
	struct nix_smq_tree_ctx smq_tree_ctx[NIX_TXSCH_LVL_CNT];

struct npc_pkind {
	struct rsrc_bmap rsrc;
	u32	*pfchan_map;

struct nix_flowkey {
	u32 flowkey[NIX_FLOW_KEY_ALG_MAX];
	int in_use;

struct nix_lso {
	u8 total;
	u8 in_use;

struct nix_txvlan {
#define NIX_TX_VTAG_DEF_MAX 0x400
	struct rsrc_bmap rsrc;
	u16 *entry2pfvf_map;
	struct mutex rsrc_lock; /* Serialize resource alloc/free */

struct nix_ipolicer {
	struct rsrc_bmap band_prof;
	u16 *pfvf_map;
	u16 *match_id;
	u16 *ref_count;

struct nix_hw {
	int blkaddr;
	struct rvu *rvu;
	struct nix_txsch txsch[NIX_TXSCH_LVL_CNT]; /* Tx schedulers */
	struct nix_mcast mcast;
	struct nix_flowkey flowkey;
	struct nix_mark_format mark_format;
	struct nix_lso lso;
	struct nix_txvlan txvlan;
	struct nix_ipolicer *ipolicer;
	u64    *tx_credits;

/* RVU block's capabilities or functionality,
 * which vary by silicon version/skew.
struct hw_cap {
	/* Transmit side supported functionality */
	u8	nix_tx_aggr_lvl; /* Tx link's traffic aggregation level */
	u16	nix_txsch_per_cgx_lmac; /* Max Q's transmitting to CGX LMAC */
	u16	nix_txsch_per_lbk_lmac; /* Max Q's transmitting to LBK LMAC */
	u16	nix_txsch_per_sdp_lmac; /* Max Q's transmitting to SDP LMAC */
	bool	nix_fixed_txschq_mapping; /* Schq mapping fixed or flexible */
	bool	nix_shaping;		 /* Is shaping and coloring supported */
	bool    nix_shaper_toggle_wait; /* Shaping toggle needs poll/wait */
	bool	nix_tx_link_bp;		 /* Can link backpressure TL queues ? */
	bool	nix_rx_multicast;	 /* Rx packet replication support */
	bool	nix_common_dwrr_mtu;	 /* Common DWRR MTU for quantum config */
	bool	per_pf_mbox_regs; /* PF mbox specified in per PF registers ? */
	bool	programmable_chans; /* Channels programmable ? */
	bool	ipolicer;
	bool	nix_multiple_dwrr_mtu;   /* Multiple DWRR_MTU to choose from */
	bool	npc_hash_extract; /* Hash extract enabled ? */
	bool	npc_exact_match_enabled; /* Exact match supported ? */

struct rvu_hwinfo {
	u8	total_pfs;   /* MAX RVU PFs HW supports */
	u16	total_vfs;   /* Max RVU VFs HW supports */
	u16	max_vfs_per_pf; /* Max VFs that can be attached to a PF */
	u8	cgx;
	u8	lmac_per_cgx;
	u16	cgx_chan_base;	/* CGX base channel number */
	u16	lbk_chan_base;	/* LBK base channel number */
	u16	sdp_chan_base;	/* SDP base channel number */
	u16	cpt_chan_base;	/* CPT base channel number */
	u8	cgx_links;
	u8	lbk_links;
	u8	sdp_links;
	u8	cpt_links;	/* Number of CPT links */
	u8	npc_kpus;          /* No of parser units */
	u8	npc_pkinds;        /* No of port kinds */
	u8	npc_intfs;         /* No of interfaces */
	u8	npc_kpu_entries;   /* No of KPU entries */
	u16	npc_counters;	   /* No of match stats counters */
	u32	lbk_bufsize;	   /* FIFO size supported by LBK */
	bool	npc_ext_set;	   /* Extended register set */
	u64     npc_stat_ena;      /* Match stats enable bit */

	struct hw_cap    cap;
	struct rvu_block block[BLK_COUNT]; /* Block info */
	struct nix_hw    *nix;
	struct rvu	 *rvu;
	struct npc_pkind pkind;
	struct npc_mcam  mcam;
	struct npc_exact_table *table;

struct mbox_wq_info {
	struct otx2_mbox mbox;
	struct rvu_work *mbox_wrk;

	struct otx2_mbox mbox_up;
	struct rvu_work *mbox_wrk_up;

	struct workqueue_struct *mbox_wq;

struct rvu_fwdata {
#define RVU_FWDATA_HEADER_MAGIC	0xCFDA	/* Custom Firmware Data*/
#define RVU_FWDATA_VERSION	0x0001
	u32 header_magic;
	u32 version;		/* version id */

	/* MAC address */
#define PF_MACNUM_MAX	32
#define VF_MACNUM_MAX	256
	u64 pf_macs[PF_MACNUM_MAX];
	u64 vf_macs[VF_MACNUM_MAX];
	u64 sclk;
	u64 rclk;
	u64 mcam_addr;
	u64 mcam_sz;
	u64 msixtr_base;
	u32 ptp_ext_clk_rate;
	u32 ptp_ext_tstamp;
	u64 reserved[FWDATA_RESERVED_MEM];
#define CGX_MAX         9
#define CGX_LMACS_MAX   4
#define CGX_LMACS_USX   8
	union {
		struct cgx_lmac_fwdata_s
		struct cgx_lmac_fwdata_s
	/* Do not add new fields below this line */

struct ptp;

/* KPU profile adapter structure gathering all KPU configuration data and abstracting out the
 * source where it came from.
struct npc_kpu_profile_adapter {
	const char			*name;
	u64				version;
	const struct npc_lt_def_cfg	*lt_def;
	const struct npc_kpu_profile_action	*ikpu; /* array[pkinds] */
	const struct npc_kpu_profile	*kpu; /* array[kpus] */
	struct npc_mcam_kex		*mkex;
	struct npc_mcam_kex_hash	*mkex_hash;
	bool				custom;
	size_t				pkinds;
	size_t				kpus;


struct rvu_switch {
	struct mutex switch_lock; /* Serialize flow installation */
	u32 used_entries;
	u16 *entry2pcifunc;
	u16 mode;
	u16 start_entry;

struct rvu {
	void __iomem		*afreg_base;
	void __iomem		*pfreg_base;
	struct pci_dev		*pdev;
	struct device		*dev;
	struct rvu_hwinfo       *hw;
	struct rvu_pfvf		*pf;
	struct rvu_pfvf		*hwvf;
	struct mutex		rsrc_lock; /* Serialize resource alloc/free */
	struct mutex		alias_lock; /* Serialize bar2 alias access */
	int			vfs; /* Number of VFs attached to RVU */
	int			nix_blkaddr[MAX_NIX_BLKS];

	/* Mbox */
	struct mbox_wq_info	afpf_wq_info;
	struct mbox_wq_info	afvf_wq_info;

	/* PF FLR */
	struct rvu_work		*flr_wrk;
	struct workqueue_struct *flr_wq;
	struct mutex		flr_lock; /* Serialize FLRs */

	/* MSI-X */
	u16			num_vec;
	char			*irq_name;
	bool			*irq_allocated;
	dma_addr_t		msix_base_iova;
	u64			msixtr_base_phy; /* Register reset value */

	/* CGX */
#define PF_CGXMAP_BASE		1 /* PF 0 is reserved for RVU PF */
	u16			cgx_mapped_vfs; /* maximum CGX mapped VFs */
	u8			cgx_mapped_pfs;
	u8			cgx_cnt_max;	 /* CGX port count max */
	u8			*pf2cgxlmac_map; /* pf to cgx_lmac map */
	u64			*cgxlmac2pf_map; /* bitmap of mapped pfs for
						  * every cgx lmac port
	unsigned long		pf_notify_bmap; /* Flags for PF notification */
	void			**cgx_idmap; /* cgx id to cgx data map table */
	struct			work_struct cgx_evh_work;
	struct			workqueue_struct *cgx_evh_wq;
	spinlock_t		cgx_evq_lock; /* cgx event queue lock */
	struct list_head	cgx_evq_head; /* cgx event queue head */
	struct mutex		cgx_cfg_lock; /* serialize cgx configuration */

	char mkex_pfl_name[MKEX_NAME_LEN]; /* Configured MKEX profile name */
	char kpu_pfl_name[KPU_NAME_LEN]; /* Configured KPU profile name */

	/* Firmware data */
	struct rvu_fwdata	*fwdata;
	void			*kpu_fwdata;
	size_t			kpu_fwdata_sz;
	void __iomem		*kpu_prfl_addr;

	/* NPC KPU data */
	struct npc_kpu_profile_adapter kpu;

	struct ptp		*ptp;

	int			mcs_blk_cnt;
	int			cpt_pf_num;

	struct rvu_debugfs	rvu_dbg;
	struct rvu_devlink	*rvu_dl;

	/* RVU switch implementation over NPC with DMAC rules */
	struct rvu_switch	rswitch;

	struct			work_struct mcs_intr_work;
	struct			workqueue_struct *mcs_intr_wq;
	struct list_head	mcs_intrq_head;
	/* mcs interrupt queue lock */
	spinlock_t		mcs_intrq_lock;
	/* CPT interrupt lock */
	spinlock_t		cpt_intr_lock;

static inline void rvu_write64(struct rvu *rvu, u64 block, u64 offset, u64 val)
	writeq(val, rvu->afreg_base + ((block << 28) | offset));

static inline u64 rvu_read64(struct rvu *rvu, u64 block, u64 offset)
	return readq(rvu->afreg_base + ((block << 28) | offset));

static inline void rvupf_write64(struct rvu *rvu, u64 offset, u64 val)
	writeq(val, rvu->pfreg_base + offset);

static inline u64 rvupf_read64(struct rvu *rvu, u64 offset)
	return readq(rvu->pfreg_base + offset);

static inline void rvu_bar2_sel_write64(struct rvu *rvu, u64 block, u64 offset, u64 val)
	/* HW requires read back of RVU_AF_BAR2_SEL register to make sure completion of
	 * write operation.
	rvu_write64(rvu, block, offset, val);
	rvu_read64(rvu, block, offset);
	/* Barrier to ensure read completes before accessing LF registers */

/* Silicon revisions */
static inline bool is_rvu_pre_96xx_C0(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;
	/* 96XX A0/B0, 95XX A0/A1/B0 chips */
	return ((pdev->revision == 0x00) || (pdev->revision == 0x01) ||
		(pdev->revision == 0x10) || (pdev->revision == 0x11) ||
		(pdev->revision == 0x14));

static inline bool is_rvu_96xx_A0(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	return (pdev->revision == 0x00);

static inline bool is_rvu_96xx_B0(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	return (pdev->revision == 0x00) || (pdev->revision == 0x01);

static inline bool is_rvu_95xx_A0(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	return (pdev->revision == 0x10) || (pdev->revision == 0x11);

/* REVID for PCIe devices.
 * Bits 0..1: minor pass, bit 3..2: major pass
 * bits 7..4: midr id
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_96XX		0x00
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_95XX		0x10
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXN		0x20
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_98XX		0x30
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXMM		0x40
#define PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXO		0xE0

static inline bool is_rvu_otx2(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	u8 midr = pdev->revision & 0xF0;

	return (midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_96XX || midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_95XX ||
		midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXN || midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_98XX ||
		midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXMM || midr == PCI_REVISION_ID_95XXO);

static inline bool is_cnf10ka_a0(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	if (pdev->subsystem_device == PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_CNF10K_A &&
	    (pdev->revision & 0x0F) == 0x0)
		return true;
	return false;

static inline bool is_rvu_npc_hash_extract_en(struct rvu *rvu)
	u64 npc_const3;

	npc_const3 = rvu_read64(rvu, BLKADDR_NPC, NPC_AF_CONST3);
	if (!(npc_const3 & BIT_ULL(62)))
		return false;

	return true;

static inline u16 rvu_nix_chan_cgx(struct rvu *rvu, u8 cgxid,
				   u8 lmacid, u8 chan)
	u64 nix_const = rvu_read64(rvu, BLKADDR_NIX0, NIX_AF_CONST);
	u16 cgx_chans = nix_const & 0xFFULL;
	struct rvu_hwinfo *hw = rvu->hw;

	if (!hw->cap.programmable_chans)
		return NIX_CHAN_CGX_LMAC_CHX(cgxid, lmacid, chan);

	return rvu->hw->cgx_chan_base +
		(cgxid * hw->lmac_per_cgx + lmacid) * cgx_chans + chan;

static inline u16 rvu_nix_chan_lbk(struct rvu *rvu, u8 lbkid,
				   u8 chan)
	u64 nix_const = rvu_read64(rvu, BLKADDR_NIX0, NIX_AF_CONST);
	u16 lbk_chans = (nix_const >> 16) & 0xFFULL;
	struct rvu_hwinfo *hw = rvu->hw;

	if (!hw->cap.programmable_chans)
		return NIX_CHAN_LBK_CHX(lbkid, chan);

	return rvu->hw->lbk_chan_base + lbkid * lbk_chans + chan;

static inline u16 rvu_nix_chan_sdp(struct rvu *rvu, u8 chan)
	struct rvu_hwinfo *hw = rvu->hw;

	if (!hw->cap.programmable_chans)
		return NIX_CHAN_SDP_CHX(chan);

	return hw->sdp_chan_base + chan;

static inline u16 rvu_nix_chan_cpt(struct rvu *rvu, u8 chan)
	return rvu->hw->cpt_chan_base + chan;

static inline bool is_rvu_supports_nix1(struct rvu *rvu)
	struct pci_dev *pdev = rvu->pdev;

	if (pdev->subsystem_device == PCI_SUBSYS_DEVID_98XX)
		return true;

	return false;

/* Function Prototypes
 * RVU
static inline bool is_afvf(u16 pcifunc)
	return !(pcifunc & ~RVU_PFVF_FUNC_MASK);

static inline bool is_vf(u16 pcifunc)
	return !!(pcifunc & RVU_PFVF_FUNC_MASK);

/* check if PF_FUNC is AF */
static inline bool is_pffunc_af(u16 pcifunc)
	return !pcifunc;

static inline bool is_rvu_fwdata_valid(struct rvu *rvu)
	return (rvu->fwdata->header_magic == RVU_FWDATA_HEADER_MAGIC) &&
		(rvu->fwdata->version == RVU_FWDATA_VERSION);

int rvu_alloc_bitmap(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc);
void rvu_free_bitmap(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc);
int rvu_alloc_rsrc(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc);
void rvu_free_rsrc(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc, int id);
bool is_rsrc_free(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc, int id);
int rvu_rsrc_free_count(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc);
int rvu_alloc_rsrc_contig(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc, int nrsrc);
bool rvu_rsrc_check_contig(struct rsrc_bmap *rsrc, int nrsrc);
u16 rvu_get_rsrc_mapcount(struct rvu_pfvf *pfvf, int blkaddr);
int rvu_get_pf(u16 pcifunc);
struct rvu_pfvf *rvu_get_pfvf(struct rvu *rvu, int pcifunc);
void rvu_get_pf_numvfs(struct rvu *rvu, int pf, int *numvfs, int *hwvf);
bool is_block_implemented(struct rvu_hwinfo *hw, int blkaddr);
bool is_pffunc_map_valid(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int blktype);
int rvu_get_lf(struct rvu *rvu, struct rvu_block *block, u16 pcifunc, u16 slot);
int rvu_lf_reset(struct rvu *rvu, struct rvu_block *block, int lf);
int rvu_get_blkaddr(struct rvu *rvu, int blktype, u16 pcifunc);
int rvu_poll_reg(struct rvu *rvu, u64 block, u64 offset, u64 mask, bool zero);
int rvu_get_num_lbk_chans(void);
int rvu_get_blkaddr_from_slot(struct rvu *rvu, int blktype, u16 pcifunc,
			      u16 global_slot, u16 *slot_in_block);

/* RVU HW reg validation */
enum regmap_block {

bool rvu_check_valid_reg(int regmap, int regblk, u64 reg);

int rvu_aq_alloc(struct rvu *rvu, struct admin_queue **ad_queue,
		 int qsize, int inst_size, int res_size);
void rvu_aq_free(struct rvu *rvu, struct admin_queue *aq);

/* SDP APIs */
int rvu_sdp_init(struct rvu *rvu);
bool is_sdp_pfvf(u16 pcifunc);
bool is_sdp_pf(u16 pcifunc);
bool is_sdp_vf(u16 pcifunc);

/* CGX APIs */
static inline bool is_pf_cgxmapped(struct rvu *rvu, u8 pf)
	return (pf >= PF_CGXMAP_BASE && pf <= rvu->cgx_mapped_pfs) &&
		!is_sdp_pf(pf << RVU_PFVF_PF_SHIFT);

static inline void rvu_get_cgx_lmac_id(u8 map, u8 *cgx_id, u8 *lmac_id)
	*cgx_id = (map >> 4) & 0xF;
	*lmac_id = (map & 0xF);

static inline bool is_cgx_vf(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc)
	return ((pcifunc & RVU_PFVF_FUNC_MASK) &&
		is_pf_cgxmapped(rvu, rvu_get_pf(pcifunc)));

#define M(_name, _id, fn_name, req, rsp)				\
int rvu_mbox_handler_ ## fn_name(struct rvu *, struct req *, struct rsp *);
#undef M

int rvu_cgx_init(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_cgx_exit(struct rvu *rvu);
void *rvu_cgx_pdata(u8 cgx_id, struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_cgx_config_rxtx(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, bool start);
void rvu_cgx_enadis_rx_bp(struct rvu *rvu, int pf, bool enable);
int rvu_cgx_start_stop_io(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, bool start);
int rvu_cgx_nix_cuml_stats(struct rvu *rvu, void *cgxd, int lmac_id, int index,
			   int rxtxflag, u64 *stat);
void rvu_cgx_disable_dmac_entries(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);

/* NPA APIs */
int rvu_npa_init(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_npa_freemem(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_npa_lf_teardown(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int npalf);
int rvu_npa_aq_enq_inst(struct rvu *rvu, struct npa_aq_enq_req *req,
			struct npa_aq_enq_rsp *rsp);

/* NIX APIs */
bool is_nixlf_attached(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
int rvu_nix_init(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_nix_reserve_mark_format(struct rvu *rvu, struct nix_hw *nix_hw,
				int blkaddr, u32 cfg);
void rvu_nix_freemem(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_get_nixlf_count(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_nix_lf_teardown(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int blkaddr, int npalf);
int nix_get_nixlf(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int *nixlf, int *nix_blkaddr);
int nix_update_mce_list(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
			struct nix_mce_list *mce_list,
			int mce_idx, int mcam_index, bool add);
void nix_get_mce_list(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int type,
		      struct nix_mce_list **mce_list, int *mce_idx);
struct nix_hw *get_nix_hw(struct rvu_hwinfo *hw, int blkaddr);
int rvu_get_next_nix_blkaddr(struct rvu *rvu, int blkaddr);
void rvu_nix_reset_mac(struct rvu_pfvf *pfvf, int pcifunc);
int nix_get_struct_ptrs(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
			struct nix_hw **nix_hw, int *blkaddr);
int rvu_nix_setup_ratelimit_aggr(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				 u16 rq_idx, u16 match_id);
int nix_aq_context_read(struct rvu *rvu, struct nix_hw *nix_hw,
			struct nix_cn10k_aq_enq_req *aq_req,
			struct nix_cn10k_aq_enq_rsp *aq_rsp,
			u16 pcifunc, u8 ctype, u32 qidx);
int rvu_get_nix_blkaddr(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
int nix_get_dwrr_mtu_reg(struct rvu_hwinfo *hw, int smq_link_type);
u32 convert_dwrr_mtu_to_bytes(u8 dwrr_mtu);
u32 convert_bytes_to_dwrr_mtu(u32 bytes);
void rvu_nix_tx_tl2_cfg(struct rvu *rvu, int blkaddr, u16 pcifunc,
			struct nix_txsch *txsch, bool enable);

/* NPC APIs */
void rvu_npc_freemem(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_npc_get_pkind(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pf);
void rvu_npc_set_pkind(struct rvu *rvu, int pkind, struct rvu_pfvf *pfvf);
int npc_config_ts_kpuaction(struct rvu *rvu, int pf, u16 pcifunc, bool en);
void rvu_npc_install_ucast_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				 int nixlf, u64 chan, u8 *mac_addr);
void rvu_npc_install_promisc_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				   int nixlf, u64 chan, u8 chan_cnt);
void rvu_npc_enable_promisc_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
				  bool enable);
void rvu_npc_install_bcast_match_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				       int nixlf, u64 chan);
void rvu_npc_enable_bcast_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
				bool enable);
void rvu_npc_install_allmulti_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
				    u64 chan);
void rvu_npc_enable_allmulti_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
				   bool enable);

void npc_enadis_default_mce_entry(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				  int nixlf, int type, bool enable);
void rvu_npc_disable_mcam_entries(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf);
bool rvu_npc_enable_mcam_by_entry_index(struct rvu *rvu, int entry, int intf, bool enable);
void rvu_npc_free_mcam_entries(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf);
void rvu_npc_disable_default_entries(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf);
void rvu_npc_enable_default_entries(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf);
void rvu_npc_update_flowkey_alg_idx(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
				    int group, int alg_idx, int mcam_index);

void rvu_npc_get_mcam_entry_alloc_info(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
				       int blkaddr, int *alloc_cnt,
				       int *enable_cnt);
void rvu_npc_get_mcam_counter_alloc_info(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc,
					 int blkaddr, int *alloc_cnt,
					 int *enable_cnt);
bool is_npc_intf_tx(u8 intf);
bool is_npc_intf_rx(u8 intf);
bool is_npc_interface_valid(struct rvu *rvu, u8 intf);
int rvu_npc_get_tx_nibble_cfg(struct rvu *rvu, u64 nibble_ena);
int npc_flow_steering_init(struct rvu *rvu, int blkaddr);
const char *npc_get_field_name(u8 hdr);
int npc_get_bank(struct npc_mcam *mcam, int index);
void npc_mcam_enable_flows(struct rvu *rvu, u16 target);
void npc_mcam_disable_flows(struct rvu *rvu, u16 target);
void npc_enable_mcam_entry(struct rvu *rvu, struct npc_mcam *mcam,
			   int blkaddr, int index, bool enable);
void npc_read_mcam_entry(struct rvu *rvu, struct npc_mcam *mcam,
			 int blkaddr, u16 src, struct mcam_entry *entry,
			 u8 *intf, u8 *ena);
bool is_cgx_config_permitted(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
bool is_mac_feature_supported(struct rvu *rvu, int pf, int feature);
u32  rvu_cgx_get_fifolen(struct rvu *rvu);
void *rvu_first_cgx_pdata(struct rvu *rvu);
int cgxlmac_to_pf(struct rvu *rvu, int cgx_id, int lmac_id);
int rvu_cgx_config_tx(void *cgxd, int lmac_id, bool enable);
int rvu_cgx_prio_flow_ctrl_cfg(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, u8 tx_pause, u8 rx_pause,
			       u16 pfc_en);
int rvu_cgx_cfg_pause_frm(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, u8 tx_pause, u8 rx_pause);
void rvu_mac_reset(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
u32 rvu_cgx_get_lmac_fifolen(struct rvu *rvu, int cgx, int lmac);
int npc_get_nixlf_mcam_index(struct npc_mcam *mcam, u16 pcifunc, int nixlf,
			     int type);
bool is_mcam_entry_enabled(struct rvu *rvu, struct npc_mcam *mcam, int blkaddr,
			   int index);
int rvu_npc_init(struct rvu *rvu);
int npc_install_mcam_drop_rule(struct rvu *rvu, int mcam_idx, u16 *counter_idx,
			       u64 chan_val, u64 chan_mask, u64 exact_val, u64 exact_mask,
			       u64 bcast_mcast_val, u64 bcast_mcast_mask);
void npc_mcam_rsrcs_reserve(struct rvu *rvu, int blkaddr, int entry_idx);
bool npc_is_feature_supported(struct rvu *rvu, u64 features, u8 intf);

/* CPT APIs */
int rvu_cpt_register_interrupts(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_cpt_unregister_interrupts(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_cpt_lf_teardown(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, int blkaddr, int lf,
			int slot);
int rvu_cpt_ctx_flush(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
int rvu_cpt_init(struct rvu *rvu);

#define NDC_AF_BANK_MASK       GENMASK_ULL(7, 0)

/* CN10K RVU */
int rvu_set_channels_base(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_program_channels(struct rvu *rvu);

/* CN10K NIX */
void rvu_nix_block_cn10k_init(struct rvu *rvu, struct nix_hw *nix_hw);

/* CN10K RVU - LMT*/
void rvu_reset_lmt_map_tbl(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);

void rvu_dbg_init(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_dbg_exit(struct rvu *rvu);
static inline void rvu_dbg_init(struct rvu *rvu) {}
static inline void rvu_dbg_exit(struct rvu *rvu) {}

int rvu_ndc_fix_locked_cacheline(struct rvu *rvu, int blkaddr);

/* RVU Switch */
void rvu_switch_enable(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_switch_disable(struct rvu *rvu);
void rvu_switch_update_rules(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);

int rvu_npc_set_parse_mode(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc, u64 mode, u8 dir,
			   u64 pkind, u8 var_len_off, u8 var_len_off_mask,
			   u8 shift_dir);
int rvu_get_hwvf(struct rvu *rvu, int pcifunc);

/* CN10K MCS */
int rvu_mcs_init(struct rvu *rvu);
int rvu_mcs_flr_handler(struct rvu *rvu, u16 pcifunc);
void rvu_mcs_ptp_cfg(struct rvu *rvu, u8 rpm_id, u8 lmac_id, bool ena);
void rvu_mcs_exit(struct rvu *rvu);

#endif /* RVU_H */