/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-3-Clause) */

#ifndef _FUNDEV_H
#define _FUNDEV_H

#include <linux/sbitmap.h>
#include <linux/spinlock_types.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include "fun_hci.h"

struct pci_dev;
struct fun_dev;
struct fun_queue;
struct fun_cmd_ctx;
struct fun_queue_alloc_req;

/* doorbell fields */
enum {
	FUN_DB_IRQ_S = 30,

/* Callback for asynchronous admin commands.
 * Invoked on reception of command response.
typedef void (*fun_admin_callback_t)(struct fun_dev *fdev, void *rsp,
				     void *cb_data);

/* Callback for events/notifications received by an admin queue. */
typedef void (*fun_admin_event_cb)(struct fun_dev *fdev, void *cqe);

/* Callback for pending work handled by the service task. */
typedef void (*fun_serv_cb)(struct fun_dev *fd);

/* service task flags */
enum {
	FUN_SERV_DISABLED,    /* service task is disabled */

/* Driver state associated with a PCI function. */
struct fun_dev {
	struct device *dev;

	void __iomem *bar;            /* start of BAR0 mapping */
	u32 __iomem *dbs;             /* start of doorbells in BAR0 mapping */

	/* admin queue */
	struct fun_queue *admin_q;
	struct sbitmap_queue admin_sbq;
	struct fun_cmd_ctx *cmd_ctx;
	fun_admin_event_cb adminq_cb;
	bool suppress_cmds;           /* if set don't write commands to SQ */

	/* address increment between consecutive doorbells, in 4B units */
	unsigned int db_stride;

	/* SW versions of device registers */
	u32 cc_reg;         /* CC register */
	u64 cap_reg;        /* CAPability register */

	unsigned int q_depth;    /* max queue depth supported by device */
	unsigned int max_qid;    /* = #queues - 1, separately for SQs and CQs */
	unsigned int kern_end_qid; /* last qid in the kernel range + 1 */

	unsigned int fw_handle;

	/* IRQ manager */
	unsigned int num_irqs;
	unsigned int irqs_avail;
	spinlock_t irqmgr_lock;
	unsigned long *irq_map;

	/* The service task handles work that needs a process context */
	struct work_struct service_task;
	unsigned long service_flags;
	fun_serv_cb serv_cb;

struct fun_dev_params {
	u8  cqe_size_log2; /* admin q CQE size */
	u8  sqe_size_log2; /* admin q SQE size */

	/* admin q depths */
	u16 cq_depth;
	u16 sq_depth;
	u16 rq_depth;

	u16 min_msix; /* min vectors needed by requesting driver */

	fun_admin_event_cb event_cb;
	fun_serv_cb serv_cb;

/* Return the BAR address of a doorbell. */
static inline u32 __iomem *fun_db_addr(const struct fun_dev *fdev,
				       unsigned int db_index)
	return &fdev->dbs[db_index * fdev->db_stride];

/* Return the BAR address of an SQ doorbell. SQ and CQ DBs alternate,
 * SQs have even DB indices.
static inline u32 __iomem *fun_sq_db_addr(const struct fun_dev *fdev,
					  unsigned int sqid)
	return fun_db_addr(fdev, sqid * 2);

static inline u32 __iomem *fun_cq_db_addr(const struct fun_dev *fdev,
					  unsigned int cqid)
	return fun_db_addr(fdev, cqid * 2 + 1);

int fun_get_res_count(struct fun_dev *fdev, enum fun_admin_op res);
int fun_res_destroy(struct fun_dev *fdev, enum fun_admin_op res,
		    unsigned int flags, u32 id);
int fun_bind(struct fun_dev *fdev, enum fun_admin_bind_type type0,
	     unsigned int id0, enum fun_admin_bind_type type1,
	     unsigned int id1);

int fun_submit_admin_cmd(struct fun_dev *fdev, struct fun_admin_req_common *cmd,
			 fun_admin_callback_t cb, void *cb_data, bool wait_ok);
int fun_submit_admin_sync_cmd(struct fun_dev *fdev,
			      struct fun_admin_req_common *cmd, void *rsp,
			      size_t rspsize, unsigned int timeout);

int fun_dev_enable(struct fun_dev *fdev, struct pci_dev *pdev,
		   const struct fun_dev_params *areq, const char *name);
void fun_dev_disable(struct fun_dev *fdev);

int fun_reserve_irqs(struct fun_dev *fdev, unsigned int nirqs,
		     u16 *irq_indices);
void fun_release_irqs(struct fun_dev *fdev, unsigned int nirqs,
		      u16 *irq_indices);

void fun_serv_stop(struct fun_dev *fd);
void fun_serv_restart(struct fun_dev *fd);
void fun_serv_sched(struct fun_dev *fd);

#endif /* _FUNDEV_H */