/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
 * Copyright (C) 2021 Microsoft Corporation
 * Author: Tushar Sugandhi <tusharsu@linux.microsoft.com>
 * File: dm-ima.h
 *       Header file for device mapper IMA measurements.

#ifndef DM_IMA_H
#define DM_IMA_H

#define DM_IMA_DEVICE_BUF_LEN		1024
#define DM_IMA_TABLE_HASH_ALG		"sha256"

#define __dm_ima_stringify(s) #s
#define __dm_ima_str(s) __dm_ima_stringify(s)

#define DM_IMA_VERSION_STR "dm_version="	\
	__dm_ima_str(DM_VERSION_MAJOR) "."	\
	__dm_ima_str(DM_VERSION_MINOR) "."	\
	__dm_ima_str(DM_VERSION_PATCHLEVEL) ";"


struct dm_ima_device_table_metadata {
	 * Contains data specific to the device which is common across
	 * all the targets in the table (e.g. name, uuid, major, minor, etc).
	 * The values are stored in comma separated list of key1=val1,key2=val2;
	 * pairs delimited by a semicolon at the end of the list.
	char *device_metadata;
	unsigned int device_metadata_len;
	unsigned int num_targets;

	 * Contains the sha256 hashes of the IMA measurements of the target
	 * attributes' key-value pairs from the active/inactive tables.
	char *hash;
	unsigned int hash_len;

 * This structure contains device metadata, and table hash for
 * active and inactive tables for ima measurements.
struct dm_ima_measurements {
	struct dm_ima_device_table_metadata active_table;
	struct dm_ima_device_table_metadata inactive_table;
	unsigned int dm_version_str_len;

void dm_ima_reset_data(struct mapped_device *md);
void dm_ima_measure_on_table_load(struct dm_table *table, unsigned int status_flags);
void dm_ima_measure_on_device_resume(struct mapped_device *md, bool swap);
void dm_ima_measure_on_device_remove(struct mapped_device *md, bool remove_all);
void dm_ima_measure_on_table_clear(struct mapped_device *md, bool new_map);
void dm_ima_measure_on_device_rename(struct mapped_device *md);


static inline void dm_ima_reset_data(struct mapped_device *md) {}
static inline void dm_ima_measure_on_table_load(struct dm_table *table, unsigned int status_flags) {}
static inline void dm_ima_measure_on_device_resume(struct mapped_device *md, bool swap) {}
static inline void dm_ima_measure_on_device_remove(struct mapped_device *md, bool remove_all) {}
static inline void dm_ima_measure_on_table_clear(struct mapped_device *md, bool new_map) {}
static inline void dm_ima_measure_on_device_rename(struct mapped_device *md) {}

#endif /* CONFIG_IMA */

#endif /* DM_IMA_H */