/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
 * sun8i-ss.h - hardware cryptographic offloader for
 * Allwinner A80/A83T SoC
 * Copyright (C) 2016-2019 Corentin LABBE <clabbe.montjoie@gmail.com>
#include <crypto/aes.h>
#include <crypto/des.h>
#include <crypto/engine.h>
#include <crypto/rng.h>
#include <crypto/skcipher.h>
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/debugfs.h>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <crypto/internal/hash.h>
#include <crypto/md5.h>
#include <crypto/sha1.h>
#include <crypto/sha2.h>

#define SS_START	1

#define SS_ENCRYPTION		0

#define SS_ALG_AES		0
#define SS_ALG_DES		(1 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_3DES		(2 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_MD5		(3 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_PRNG		(4 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_SHA1		(6 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_SHA224		(7 << 2)
#define SS_ALG_SHA256		(8 << 2)

#define SS_CTL_REG		0x00
#define SS_INT_CTL_REG		0x04
#define SS_INT_STA_REG		0x08
#define SS_KEY_ADR_REG		0x10
#define SS_IV_ADR_REG		0x18
#define SS_SRC_ADR_REG		0x20
#define SS_DST_ADR_REG		0x28
#define SS_LEN_ADR_REG		0x30

#define SS_ID_NOTSUPP		0xFF

#define SS_ID_CIPHER_AES	0
#define SS_ID_CIPHER_DES	1
#define SS_ID_CIPHER_DES3	2
#define SS_ID_CIPHER_MAX	3

#define SS_ID_OP_ECB	0
#define SS_ID_OP_CBC	1
#define SS_ID_OP_MAX	2

#define SS_AES_128BITS 0
#define SS_AES_192BITS 1
#define SS_AES_256BITS 2

#define SS_OP_ECB	0
#define SS_OP_CBC	(1 << 13)

#define SS_ID_HASH_MD5	0
#define SS_ID_HASH_SHA1	1
#define SS_ID_HASH_SHA224	2
#define SS_ID_HASH_SHA256	3
#define SS_ID_HASH_MAX	4

#define SS_FLOW0	BIT(30)
#define SS_FLOW1	BIT(31)


#define MAX_SG 8

#define MAXFLOW 2

#define SS_MAX_CLOCKS 2

#define SS_DIE_ID_SHIFT	20
#define SS_DIE_ID_MASK	0x07

#define PRNG_DATA_SIZE (160 / 8)

#define MAX_PAD_SIZE 4096

 * struct ss_clock - Describe clocks used by sun8i-ss
 * @name:       Name of clock needed by this variant
 * @freq:       Frequency to set for each clock
 * @max_freq:   Maximum frequency for each clock
struct ss_clock {
	const char *name;
	unsigned long freq;
	unsigned long max_freq;

 * struct ss_variant - Describe SS capability for each variant hardware
 * @alg_cipher:	list of supported ciphers. for each SS_ID_ this will give the
 *              coresponding SS_ALG_XXX value
 * @alg_hash:	list of supported hashes. for each SS_ID_ this will give the
 *              corresponding SS_ALG_XXX value
 * @op_mode:	list of supported block modes
 * @ss_clks:	list of clock needed by this variant
struct ss_variant {
	char alg_cipher[SS_ID_CIPHER_MAX];
	char alg_hash[SS_ID_HASH_MAX];
	u32 op_mode[SS_ID_OP_MAX];
	struct ss_clock ss_clks[SS_MAX_CLOCKS];

struct sginfo {
	u32 addr;
	u32 len;

 * struct sun8i_ss_flow - Information used by each flow
 * @engine:	ptr to the crypto_engine for this flow
 * @complete:	completion for the current task on this flow
 * @status:	set to 1 by interrupt if task is done
 * @stat_req:	number of request done by this flow
 * @iv:		list of IV to use for each step
 * @biv:	buffer which contain the backuped IV
 * @pad:	padding buffer for hash operations
 * @result:	buffer for storing the result of hash operations
struct sun8i_ss_flow {
	struct crypto_engine *engine;
	struct completion complete;
	int status;
	u8 *iv[MAX_SG];
	u8 *biv;
	void *pad;
	void *result;
	unsigned long stat_req;

 * struct sun8i_ss_dev - main container for all this driver information
 * @base:	base address of SS
 * @ssclks:	clocks used by SS
 * @reset:	pointer to reset controller
 * @dev:	the platform device
 * @mlock:	Control access to device registers
 * @flows:	array of all flow
 * @flow:	flow to use in next request
 * @variant:	pointer to variant specific data
 * @dbgfs_dir:	Debugfs dentry for statistic directory
 * @dbgfs_stats: Debugfs dentry for statistic counters
struct sun8i_ss_dev {
	void __iomem *base;
	struct clk *ssclks[SS_MAX_CLOCKS];
	struct reset_control *reset;
	struct device *dev;
	struct mutex mlock;
	struct sun8i_ss_flow *flows;
	atomic_t flow;
	const struct ss_variant *variant;
	struct dentry *dbgfs_dir;
	struct dentry *dbgfs_stats;

 * struct sun8i_cipher_req_ctx - context for a skcipher request
 * @t_src:		list of mapped SGs with their size
 * @t_dst:		list of mapped SGs with their size
 * @p_key:		DMA address of the key
 * @p_iv:		DMA address of the IVs
 * @niv:		Number of IVs DMA mapped
 * @method:		current algorithm for this request
 * @op_mode:		op_mode for this request
 * @op_dir:		direction (encrypt vs decrypt) for this request
 * @flow:		the flow to use for this request
 * @ivlen:		size of IVs
 * @keylen:		keylen for this request
 * @fallback_req:	request struct for invoking the fallback skcipher TFM
struct sun8i_cipher_req_ctx {
	struct sginfo t_src[MAX_SG];
	struct sginfo t_dst[MAX_SG];
	u32 p_key;
	u32 p_iv[MAX_SG];
	int niv;
	u32 method;
	u32 op_mode;
	u32 op_dir;
	int flow;
	unsigned int ivlen;
	unsigned int keylen;
	struct skcipher_request fallback_req;   // keep at the end

 * struct sun8i_cipher_tfm_ctx - context for a skcipher TFM
 * @enginectx:		crypto_engine used by this TFM
 * @key:		pointer to key data
 * @keylen:		len of the key
 * @ss:			pointer to the private data of driver handling this TFM
 * @fallback_tfm:	pointer to the fallback TFM
 * enginectx must be the first element
struct sun8i_cipher_tfm_ctx {
	struct crypto_engine_ctx enginectx;
	u32 *key;
	u32 keylen;
	struct sun8i_ss_dev *ss;
	struct crypto_skcipher *fallback_tfm;

 * struct sun8i_ss_prng_ctx - context for PRNG TFM
 * @seed:	The seed to use
 * @slen:	The size of the seed
struct sun8i_ss_rng_tfm_ctx {
	void *seed;
	unsigned int slen;

 * struct sun8i_ss_hash_tfm_ctx - context for an ahash TFM
 * @enginectx:		crypto_engine used by this TFM
 * @fallback_tfm:	pointer to the fallback TFM
 * @ss:			pointer to the private data of driver handling this TFM
 * enginectx must be the first element
struct sun8i_ss_hash_tfm_ctx {
	struct crypto_engine_ctx enginectx;
	struct crypto_ahash *fallback_tfm;
	struct sun8i_ss_dev *ss;
	u8 *ipad;
	u8 *opad;
	u8 key[SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE];
	int keylen;

 * struct sun8i_ss_hash_reqctx - context for an ahash request
 * @t_src:	list of DMA address and size for source SGs
 * @t_dst:	list of DMA address and size for destination SGs
 * @fallback_req:	pre-allocated fallback request
 * @method:	the register value for the algorithm used by this request
 * @flow:	the flow to use for this request
struct sun8i_ss_hash_reqctx {
	struct sginfo t_src[MAX_SG];
	struct sginfo t_dst[MAX_SG];
	struct ahash_request fallback_req;
	u32 method;
	int flow;

 * struct sun8i_ss_alg_template - crypto_alg template
 * @type:		the CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE for this template
 * @ss_algo_id:		the SS_ID for this template
 * @ss_blockmode:	the type of block operation SS_ID
 * @ss:			pointer to the sun8i_ss_dev structure associated with
 *			this template
 * @alg:		one of sub struct must be used
 * @stat_req:		number of request done on this template
 * @stat_fb:		number of request which has fallbacked
 * @stat_bytes:		total data size done by this template
struct sun8i_ss_alg_template {
	u32 type;
	u32 ss_algo_id;
	u32 ss_blockmode;
	struct sun8i_ss_dev *ss;
	union {
		struct skcipher_alg skcipher;
		struct rng_alg rng;
		struct ahash_alg hash;
	} alg;
	unsigned long stat_req;
	unsigned long stat_fb;
	unsigned long stat_bytes;
	unsigned long stat_fb_len;
	unsigned long stat_fb_sglen;
	unsigned long stat_fb_align;
	unsigned long stat_fb_sgnum;
	char fbname[CRYPTO_MAX_ALG_NAME];

int sun8i_ss_enqueue(struct crypto_async_request *areq, u32 type);

int sun8i_ss_aes_setkey(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm, const u8 *key,
			unsigned int keylen);
int sun8i_ss_des3_setkey(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm, const u8 *key,
			 unsigned int keylen);
int sun8i_ss_cipher_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void sun8i_ss_cipher_exit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int sun8i_ss_skdecrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_skencrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);

int sun8i_ss_get_engine_number(struct sun8i_ss_dev *ss);

int sun8i_ss_run_task(struct sun8i_ss_dev *ss, struct sun8i_cipher_req_ctx *rctx, const char *name);
int sun8i_ss_prng_generate(struct crypto_rng *tfm, const u8 *src,
			   unsigned int slen, u8 *dst, unsigned int dlen);
int sun8i_ss_prng_seed(struct crypto_rng *tfm, const u8 *seed, unsigned int slen);
int sun8i_ss_prng_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void sun8i_ss_prng_exit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);

int sun8i_ss_hash_crainit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void sun8i_ss_hash_craexit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int sun8i_ss_hash_init(struct ahash_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_hash_export(struct ahash_request *areq, void *out);
int sun8i_ss_hash_import(struct ahash_request *areq, const void *in);
int sun8i_ss_hash_final(struct ahash_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_hash_update(struct ahash_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_hash_finup(struct ahash_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_hash_digest(struct ahash_request *areq);
int sun8i_ss_hash_run(struct crypto_engine *engine, void *breq);
int sun8i_ss_hmac_setkey(struct crypto_ahash *ahash, const u8 *key,
			 unsigned int keylen)