// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
 * Support for Intel Camera Imaging ISP subsystem.
 * Copyright (c) 2010-2015, Intel Corporation.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
 * version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT
 * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
 * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for
 * more details.

#include <linux/delay.h>

#include <system_global.h>
#include "isp.h"

#ifndef __INLINE_ISP__
#include "isp_private.h"
#endif /* __INLINE_ISP__ */

#include "assert_support.h"

void cnd_isp_irq_enable(
    const isp_ID_t		ID,
    const bool		cnd)
	if (cnd) {
		isp_ctrl_setbit(ID, ISP_IRQ_READY_REG, ISP_IRQ_READY_BIT);
		/* Enabling the IRQ immediately triggers an interrupt, clear it */
		isp_ctrl_setbit(ID, ISP_IRQ_CLEAR_REG, ISP_IRQ_CLEAR_BIT);
	} else {
		isp_ctrl_clearbit(ID, ISP_IRQ_READY_REG,

void isp_get_state(
    const isp_ID_t		ID,
    isp_state_t			*state,
    isp_stall_t			*stall)
	hrt_data sc = isp_ctrl_load(ID, ISP_SC_REG);


#if defined(_hrt_sysmem_ident_address)
	/* Patch to avoid compiler unused symbol warning in C_RUN build */

	state->pc = isp_ctrl_load(ID, ISP_PC_REG);
	state->status_register = sc;
	state->is_broken = isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_BROKEN_BIT);
	state->is_idle = isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_IDLE_BIT);
	state->is_sleeping = isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_SLEEPING_BIT);
	state->is_stalling = isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_STALLING_BIT);
	stall->stat_ctrl =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_CTRL_SINK_REG, ISP_CTRL_SINK_BIT);
	stall->pmem =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_PMEM_SINK_REG, ISP_PMEM_SINK_BIT);
	stall->dmem =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_DMEM_SINK_REG, ISP_DMEM_SINK_BIT);
	stall->vmem =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_VMEM_SINK_REG, ISP_VMEM_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo0 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO0_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO0_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo1 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO1_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO1_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo2 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO2_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO2_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo3 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO3_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO3_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo4 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO4_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO4_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo5 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO5_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO5_SINK_BIT);
	stall->fifo6 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_FIFO6_SINK_REG, ISP_FIFO6_SINK_BIT);
	stall->vamem1 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_VAMEM1_SINK_REG, ISP_VAMEM1_SINK_BIT);
	stall->vamem2 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_VAMEM2_SINK_REG, ISP_VAMEM2_SINK_BIT);
	stall->vamem3 =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_VAMEM3_SINK_REG, ISP_VAMEM3_SINK_BIT);
	stall->hmem =
	    !isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_HMEM_SINK_REG, ISP_HMEM_SINK_BIT);
		stall->icache_master =
			!isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_ICACHE_MT_SINK_REG,

/* ISP functions to control the ISP state from the host, even in crun. */

/* Inspect readiness of an ISP indexed by ID */
unsigned int isp_is_ready(isp_ID_t ID)
	assert(ID < N_ISP_ID);
	return isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_IDLE_BIT);

/* Inspect sleeping of an ISP indexed by ID */
unsigned int isp_is_sleeping(isp_ID_t ID)
	assert(ID < N_ISP_ID);
	return isp_ctrl_getbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_SLEEPING_BIT);

/* To be called by the host immediately before starting ISP ID. */
void isp_start(isp_ID_t ID)
	assert(ID < N_ISP_ID);

/* Wake up ISP ID. */
void isp_wake(isp_ID_t ID)
	assert(ID < N_ISP_ID);
	isp_ctrl_setbit(ID, ISP_SC_REG, ISP_START_BIT);