/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
 * Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
 * All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef __XFS_BMAP_H__
#define	__XFS_BMAP_H__

struct getbmap;
struct xfs_bmbt_irec;
struct xfs_ifork;
struct xfs_inode;
struct xfs_mount;
struct xfs_trans;

extern kmem_zone_t	*xfs_bmap_free_item_zone;

 * Argument structure for xfs_bmap_alloc.
struct xfs_bmalloca {
	struct xfs_trans	*tp;	/* transaction pointer */
	struct xfs_inode	*ip;	/* incore inode pointer */
	struct xfs_bmbt_irec	prev;	/* extent before the new one */
	struct xfs_bmbt_irec	got;	/* extent after, or delayed */

	xfs_fileoff_t		offset;	/* offset in file filling in */
	xfs_extlen_t		length;	/* i/o length asked/allocated */
	xfs_fsblock_t		blkno;	/* starting block of new extent */

	struct xfs_btree_cur	*cur;	/* btree cursor */
	struct xfs_iext_cursor	icur;	/* incore extent cursor */
	int			nallocs;/* number of extents alloc'd */
	int			logflags;/* flags for transaction logging */

	xfs_extlen_t		total;	/* total blocks needed for xaction */
	xfs_extlen_t		minlen;	/* minimum allocation size (blocks) */
	xfs_extlen_t		minleft; /* amount must be left after alloc */
	bool			eof;	/* set if allocating past last extent */
	bool			wasdel;	/* replacing a delayed allocation */
	bool			aeof;	/* allocated space at eof */
	bool			conv;	/* overwriting unwritten extents */
	int			datatype;/* data type being allocated */
	int			flags;

 * List of extents to be free "later".
 * The list is kept sorted on xbf_startblock.
struct xfs_extent_free_item
	xfs_fsblock_t		xefi_startblock;/* starting fs block number */
	xfs_extlen_t		xefi_blockcount;/* number of blocks in extent */
	struct list_head	xefi_list;
	struct xfs_owner_info	xefi_oinfo;	/* extent owner */
	bool			xefi_skip_discard;


 * Flags for xfs_bmapi_*
#define XFS_BMAPI_ENTIRE	0x001	/* return entire extent, not trimmed */
#define XFS_BMAPI_METADATA	0x002	/* mapping metadata not user data */
#define XFS_BMAPI_ATTRFORK	0x004	/* use attribute fork not data */
#define XFS_BMAPI_PREALLOC	0x008	/* preallocation op: unwritten space */
#define XFS_BMAPI_CONTIG	0x020	/* must allocate only one extent */
 * unwritten extent conversion - this needs write cache flushing and no additional
 * allocation alignments. When specified with XFS_BMAPI_PREALLOC it converts
 * from written to unwritten, otherwise convert from unwritten to written.
#define XFS_BMAPI_CONVERT	0x040

 * allocate zeroed extents - this requires all newly allocated user data extents
 * to be initialised to zero. It will be ignored if XFS_BMAPI_METADATA is set.
 * Use in conjunction with XFS_BMAPI_CONVERT to convert unwritten extents found
 * during the allocation range to zeroed written extents.
#define XFS_BMAPI_ZERO		0x080

 * Map the inode offset to the block given in ap->firstblock.  Primarily
 * used for reflink.  The range must be in a hole, and this flag cannot be
 * turned on with PREALLOC or CONVERT, and cannot be used on the attr fork.
 * For bunmapi, this flag unmaps the range without adjusting quota, reducing
 * refcount, or freeing the blocks.
#define XFS_BMAPI_REMAP		0x100

/* Map something in the CoW fork. */
#define XFS_BMAPI_COWFORK	0x200

/* Skip online discard of freed extents */
#define XFS_BMAPI_NODISCARD	0x1000

/* Do not update the rmap btree.  Used for reconstructing bmbt from rmapbt. */
#define XFS_BMAPI_NORMAP	0x2000


static inline int xfs_bmapi_aflag(int w)
	       (w == XFS_COW_FORK ? XFS_BMAPI_COWFORK : 0));

static inline int xfs_bmapi_whichfork(int bmapi_flags)
	if (bmapi_flags & XFS_BMAPI_COWFORK)
		return XFS_COW_FORK;
	else if (bmapi_flags & XFS_BMAPI_ATTRFORK)
		return XFS_ATTR_FORK;
	return XFS_DATA_FORK;

 * Special values for xfs_bmbt_irec_t br_startblock field.
#define	DELAYSTARTBLOCK		((xfs_fsblock_t)-1LL)
#define	HOLESTARTBLOCK		((xfs_fsblock_t)-2LL)

 * Flags for xfs_bmap_add_extent*.
#define BMAP_LEFT_CONTIG	(1 << 0)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_CONTIG	(1 << 1)
#define BMAP_LEFT_FILLING	(1 << 2)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_FILLING	(1 << 3)
#define BMAP_LEFT_DELAY		(1 << 4)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_DELAY	(1 << 5)
#define BMAP_LEFT_VALID		(1 << 6)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_VALID	(1 << 7)
#define BMAP_ATTRFORK		(1 << 8)
#define BMAP_COWFORK		(1 << 9)


 * Return true if the extent is a real, allocated extent, or false if it is  a
 * delayed allocation, and unwritten extent or a hole.
static inline bool xfs_bmap_is_real_extent(struct xfs_bmbt_irec *irec)
	return irec->br_state != XFS_EXT_UNWRITTEN &&
		irec->br_startblock != HOLESTARTBLOCK &&
		irec->br_startblock != DELAYSTARTBLOCK &&

 * Check the mapping for obviously garbage allocations that could trash the
 * filesystem immediately.
#define xfs_valid_startblock(ip, startblock) \
	((startblock) != 0 || XFS_IS_REALTIME_INODE(ip))

void	xfs_trim_extent(struct xfs_bmbt_irec *irec, xfs_fileoff_t bno,
		xfs_filblks_t len);
int	xfs_bmap_add_attrfork(struct xfs_inode *ip, int size, int rsvd);
int	xfs_bmap_set_attrforkoff(struct xfs_inode *ip, int size, int *version);
void	xfs_bmap_local_to_extents_empty(struct xfs_trans *tp,
		struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork);
void	__xfs_bmap_add_free(struct xfs_trans *tp, xfs_fsblock_t bno,
		xfs_filblks_t len, const struct xfs_owner_info *oinfo,
		bool skip_discard);
void	xfs_bmap_compute_maxlevels(struct xfs_mount *mp, int whichfork);
int	xfs_bmap_first_unused(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_extlen_t len, xfs_fileoff_t *unused, int whichfork);
int	xfs_bmap_last_before(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t *last_block, int whichfork);
int	xfs_bmap_last_offset(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t *unused,
		int whichfork);
int	xfs_bmap_one_block(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork);
int	xfs_bmapi_read(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t bno,
		xfs_filblks_t len, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *mval,
		int *nmap, int flags);
int	xfs_bmapi_write(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len, int flags,
		xfs_extlen_t total, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *mval, int *nmap);
int	__xfs_bunmapi(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t *rlen, int flags,
		xfs_extnum_t nexts);
int	xfs_bunmapi(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len, int flags,
		xfs_extnum_t nexts, int *done);
int	xfs_bmap_del_extent_delay(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork,
		struct xfs_iext_cursor *cur, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *got,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *del);
void	xfs_bmap_del_extent_cow(struct xfs_inode *ip,
		struct xfs_iext_cursor *cur, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *got,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *del);
uint	xfs_default_attroffset(struct xfs_inode *ip);
int	xfs_bmap_collapse_extents(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t *next_fsb, xfs_fileoff_t offset_shift_fsb,
		bool *done);
int	xfs_bmap_can_insert_extents(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t off,
		xfs_fileoff_t shift);
int	xfs_bmap_insert_extents(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t *next_fsb, xfs_fileoff_t offset_shift_fsb,
		bool *done, xfs_fileoff_t stop_fsb);
int	xfs_bmap_split_extent(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t split_offset);
int	xfs_bmapi_reserve_delalloc(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork,
		xfs_fileoff_t off, xfs_filblks_t len, xfs_filblks_t prealloc,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *got, struct xfs_iext_cursor *cur,
		int eof);
int	xfs_bmapi_convert_delalloc(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork,
		xfs_off_t offset, struct iomap *iomap, unsigned int *seq);
int	xfs_bmap_add_extent_unwritten_real(struct xfs_trans *tp,
		struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork,
		struct xfs_iext_cursor *icur, struct xfs_btree_cur **curp,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *new, int *logflagsp);

static inline void
	struct xfs_trans		*tp,
	xfs_fsblock_t			bno,
	xfs_filblks_t			len,
	const struct xfs_owner_info	*oinfo)
	__xfs_bmap_add_free(tp, bno, len, oinfo, false);

enum xfs_bmap_intent_type {

struct xfs_bmap_intent {
	struct list_head			bi_list;
	enum xfs_bmap_intent_type		bi_type;
	struct xfs_inode			*bi_owner;
	int					bi_whichfork;
	struct xfs_bmbt_irec			bi_bmap;

int	xfs_bmap_finish_one(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		enum xfs_bmap_intent_type type, int whichfork,
		xfs_fileoff_t startoff, xfs_fsblock_t startblock,
		xfs_filblks_t *blockcount, xfs_exntst_t state);
void	xfs_bmap_map_extent(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *imap);
void	xfs_bmap_unmap_extent(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *imap);

static inline int xfs_bmap_fork_to_state(int whichfork)
	switch (whichfork) {
		return BMAP_COWFORK;
		return 0;

xfs_failaddr_t xfs_bmap_validate_extent(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork,
		struct xfs_bmbt_irec *irec);

int	xfs_bmapi_remap(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
		xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len, xfs_fsblock_t startblock,
		int flags);

#endif	/* __XFS_BMAP_H__ */