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Linux v5.18 - netfs

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only

	  This option enables support for network filesystems, including
	  helpers for high-level buffered I/O, abstracting out read
	  segmentation, local caching and transparent huge page support.

	bool "Gather statistical information on local caching"
	depends on NETFS_SUPPORT && PROC_FS
	  This option causes statistical information to be gathered on local
	  caching and exported through file:


	  The gathering of statistics adds a certain amount of overhead to
	  execution as there are a quite a few stats gathered, and on a
	  multi-CPU system these may be on cachelines that keep bouncing
	  between CPUs.  On the other hand, the stats are very useful for
	  debugging purposes.  Saying 'Y' here is recommended.