# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
config ACRN_HSM
	tristate "ACRN Hypervisor Service Module"
	depends on ACRN_GUEST
	select EVENTFD
	  ACRN Hypervisor Service Module (HSM) is a kernel module which
	  communicates with ACRN userspace through ioctls and talks to
	  the ACRN Hypervisor through hypercalls. HSM will only run in
	  a privileged management VM, called Service VM, to manage User
	  VMs and do I/O emulation. Not required for simply running
	  under ACRN as a User VM.

	  To compile as a module, choose M, the module will be called
	  acrn. If unsure, say N.