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Linux v5.15-rc7 - erofs

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only

config EROFS_FS
	tristate "EROFS filesystem support"
	depends on BLOCK
	select FS_IOMAP
	select LIBCRC32C
	  EROFS (Enhanced Read-Only File System) is a lightweight
	  read-only file system with modern designs (eg. page-sized
	  blocks, inline xattrs/data, etc.) for scenarios which need
	  high-performance read-only requirements, e.g. Android OS
	  for mobile phones and LIVECDs.

	  It also provides fixed-sized output compression support,
	  which improves storage density, keeps relatively higher
	  compression ratios, which is more useful to achieve high
	  performance for embedded devices with limited memory.

	  If unsure, say N.

	bool "EROFS debugging feature"
	depends on EROFS_FS
	  Print debugging messages and enable more BUG_ONs which check
	  filesystem consistency and find potential issues aggressively,
	  which can be used for Android eng build, for example.

	  For daily use, say N.

	bool "EROFS extended attributes"
	depends on EROFS_FS
	default y
	  Extended attributes are name:value pairs associated with inodes by
	  the kernel or by users (see the attr(5) manual page, or visit
	  <> for details).

	  If unsure, say N.

	bool "EROFS Access Control Lists"
	depends on EROFS_FS_XATTR
	select FS_POSIX_ACL
	default y
	  Posix Access Control Lists (ACLs) support permissions for users and
	  groups beyond the owner/group/world scheme.

	  To learn more about Access Control Lists, visit the POSIX ACLs for
	  Linux website <>.

	  If you don't know what Access Control Lists are, say N.

	bool "EROFS Security Labels"
	depends on EROFS_FS_XATTR
	default y
	  Security labels provide an access control facility to support Linux
	  Security Models (LSMs) accepted by AppArmor, SELinux, Smack and TOMOYO
	  Linux. This option enables an extended attribute handler for file
	  security labels in the erofs filesystem, so that it requires enabling
	  the extended attribute support in advance.

	  If you are not using a security module, say N.

	bool "EROFS Data Compression Support"
	depends on EROFS_FS
	default y
	  Enable fixed-sized output compression for EROFS.

	  If you don't want to enable compression feature, say N.