config RDMA_SIW
	tristate "Software RDMA over TCP/IP (iWARP) driver"
	depends on INET && INFINIBAND && LIBCRC32C
	This driver implements the iWARP RDMA transport over
	the Linux TCP/IP network stack. It enables a system with a
	standard Ethernet adapter to interoperate with a iWARP
	adapter or with another system running the SIW driver.
	(See also RXE which is a similar software driver for RoCE.)

	The driver interfaces with the Linux RDMA stack and
	implements both a kernel and user space RDMA verbs API.
	The user space verbs API requires a support
	library named libsiw which is loaded by the generic user
	space verbs API, libibverbs. To implement RDMA over
	TCP/IP, the driver further interfaces with the Linux
	in-kernel TCP socket layer.