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Linux v5.17-rc1 - unicode

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
# UTF-8 normalization
config UNICODE
	bool "UTF-8 normalization and casefolding support"
	  Say Y here to enable UTF-8 NFD normalization and NFD+CF casefolding

	tristate "UTF-8 normalization and casefolding tables"
	depends on UNICODE
	default UNICODE
	  This contains a large table of case foldings, which can be loaded as
	  a separate module if you say M here.  To be on the safe side stick
	  to the default of Y.  Saying N here makes no sense, if you do not want
	  utf8 casefolding support, disable CONFIG_UNICODE instead.

	tristate "Test UTF-8 normalization support"
	depends on UNICODE_UTF8_DATA