/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-2-Clause) */
/* Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Netronome Systems, Inc. */

 * nfp.h
 * Interface for NFP device access and query functions.

#ifndef __NFP_H__
#define __NFP_H__

#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/types.h>

#include "nfp_cpp.h"

/* Implemented in nfp_hwinfo.c */

struct nfp_hwinfo;
struct nfp_hwinfo *nfp_hwinfo_read(struct nfp_cpp *cpp);
const char *nfp_hwinfo_lookup(struct nfp_hwinfo *hwinfo, const char *lookup);
char *nfp_hwinfo_get_packed_strings(struct nfp_hwinfo *hwinfo);
u32 nfp_hwinfo_get_packed_str_size(struct nfp_hwinfo *hwinfo);

/* Implemented in nfp_nsp.c, low level functions */

struct nfp_nsp;

struct nfp_cpp *nfp_nsp_cpp(struct nfp_nsp *state);
bool nfp_nsp_config_modified(struct nfp_nsp *state);
void nfp_nsp_config_set_modified(struct nfp_nsp *state, bool modified);
void *nfp_nsp_config_entries(struct nfp_nsp *state);
unsigned int nfp_nsp_config_idx(struct nfp_nsp *state);
void nfp_nsp_config_set_state(struct nfp_nsp *state, void *entries,
			      unsigned int idx);
void nfp_nsp_config_clear_state(struct nfp_nsp *state);
int nfp_nsp_read_eth_table(struct nfp_nsp *state, void *buf, unsigned int size);
int nfp_nsp_write_eth_table(struct nfp_nsp *state,
			    const void *buf, unsigned int size);
int nfp_nsp_read_identify(struct nfp_nsp *state, void *buf, unsigned int size);
int nfp_nsp_read_sensors(struct nfp_nsp *state, unsigned int sensor_mask,
			 void *buf, unsigned int size);

/* Implemented in nfp_resource.c */

/* All keys are CRC32-POSIX of the 8-byte identification string */

/* ARM/PCI vNIC Interfaces 0..3 */
#define NFP_RESOURCE_VNIC_PCI_0		"vnic.p0"
#define NFP_RESOURCE_VNIC_PCI_1		"vnic.p1"
#define NFP_RESOURCE_VNIC_PCI_2		"vnic.p2"
#define NFP_RESOURCE_VNIC_PCI_3		"vnic.p3"

/* NFP Hardware Info Database */
#define NFP_RESOURCE_NFP_HWINFO		"nfp.info"

/* Service Processor */
#define NFP_RESOURCE_NSP		"nfp.sp"
#define NFP_RESOURCE_NSP_DIAG		"arm.diag"

/* Netronone Flow Firmware Table */
#define NFP_RESOURCE_NFP_NFFW		"nfp.nffw"

/* MAC Statistics Accumulator */

int nfp_resource_table_init(struct nfp_cpp *cpp);

struct nfp_resource *
nfp_resource_acquire(struct nfp_cpp *cpp, const char *name);

void nfp_resource_release(struct nfp_resource *res);

int nfp_resource_wait(struct nfp_cpp *cpp, const char *name, unsigned int secs);

u32 nfp_resource_cpp_id(struct nfp_resource *res);

const char *nfp_resource_name(struct nfp_resource *res);

u64 nfp_resource_address(struct nfp_resource *res);

u64 nfp_resource_size(struct nfp_resource *res);

#endif /* !__NFP_H__ */