Linux v4.20-rc4 - drivers/fsi/Kconfig

# FSI subsystem

menuconfig FSI
	tristate "FSI support"
	depends on OF
	select CRC4
	  FSI - the FRU Support Interface - is a simple bus for low-level
	  access to POWER-based hardware.

if FSI

	bool "Create '/dev/fsi' directory for char devices"
	default n
	This option causes char devices created for FSI devices to be
	located under a common /dev/fsi/ directory. Set to N unless your
	userspace has been updated to handle the new location.

	Additionally, it also causes the char device names to be offset
	by one so that chip 0 will have /dev/scom1 and chip1 /dev/scom2
	to match old userspace expectations.

	New userspace will use udev rules to generate predictable access
	symlinks in /dev/fsi/by-path when this option is enabled.

	tristate "GPIO-based FSI master"
	depends on GPIOLIB
	select CRC4
	This option enables a FSI master driver using GPIO lines.

	tristate "FSI hub master"
	This option enables a FSI hub master driver.  Hub is a type of FSI
	master that is connected to the upstream master via a slave.  Hubs
	allow chaining of FSI links to an arbitrary depth.  This allows for
	a high target device fanout.

	tristate "FSI master based on Aspeed ColdFire coprocessor"
	depends on GPIOLIB
	depends on GPIO_ASPEED
	This option enables a FSI master using the AST2400 and AST2500 GPIO
	lines driven by the internal ColdFire coprocessor. This requires
	the corresponding machine specific ColdFire firmware to be available.

config FSI_SCOM
	tristate "SCOM FSI client device driver"
	This option enables an FSI based SCOM device driver.

	tristate "SBEFIFO FSI client device driver"
	depends on OF_ADDRESS
	This option enables an FSI based SBEFIFO device driver. The SBEFIFO is
	a pipe-like FSI device for communicating with the self boot engine
	(SBE) on POWER processors.