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Linux v5.9-rc6 - pi433

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
config PI433
	tristate "Pi433 - a 433MHz radio module for Raspberry Pi"
	depends on SPI
	  This option allows you to enable support for the radio module Pi433.

	  Pi433 is a shield that fits onto the GPIO header of a Raspberry Pi
	  or compatible. It extends the Raspberry Pi with the option, to
	  send and receive data in the 433MHz ISM band - for example to
	  communicate between two systems without using ethernet or bluetooth
	  or for control or read sockets, actors, sensors, widely available
	  for low price.

	  For details or the option to buy, please visit

	  If in doubt, say N here, but saying yes most probably won't hurt