123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161162163164165166167168169170171172173174175176177178179180181182183184185186187188189190191192193194195196197198199200201202203204205206207208209210211212213214215216217218219220221222223224225226227228229230231232233234235236237238239240241242243244245246247248249250251252253254255256257258259260261262263264265266267268269270271272273274275276277278279280281282283284285286287288289290291292293294295296297298299300301302303304305306307308309310311312313314315316317318319320321322323324325326327328329330331332333334335336337338339340341342343344345346347348349350351352353354355356357358359360361362363364365366367368369370371372373374375376377378379380381382383384385386387388389390391392393394395396397398399400401402403404405406407408409410411412413414415416417418419420421422423424425426427428429430431432433434435436437438439440441442443444445446447448449450451452453454455456457458459460461462463464465466467468469470471472473474475476477478479480481482483484485486487488489490491492493494495496497498499500501502503504505506507508509510511512513514515516517518519520521522523524525526527528529530531532533534535536537538539540541542543544545546547548549550551552553554555556557558559560561562563564565566567568569570571572573574575576577578579580581582583584585586587588589590591592593594595596597598599600601602603604605606607608609610611612613614615616617618619620621622623624625626627628629630631632633634635636637638639640641642643644645646647648649650651652653654655656657658659660661662663664665666667668669670671672673674675676677678679680681682683684685686687/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
 * Copyright(c) 2007 - 2011 Realtek Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __RTW_MLME_H_
#define __RTW_MLME_H_

#define	MAX_BSS_CNT	128
/* define   MAX_JOIN_TIMEOUT	2000 */
/* define   MAX_JOIN_TIMEOUT	2500 */
#define   MAX_JOIN_TIMEOUT	6500

/* 	Commented by Albert 20101105 */
/* 	Increase the scanning timeout because of increasing the SURVEY_TO value. */

#define		SCANNING_TIMEOUT	8000

#define	SCANQUEUE_LIFETIME 12000000 /*  unit:us */
#define	SCANQUEUE_LIFETIME 20000 /*  20sec, unit:msec */

#define WIFI_NULL_STATE		0x00000000
#define WIFI_ASOC_STATE		0x00000001		/*  Under Linked state... */
#define WIFI_REASOC_STATE	0x00000002
#define WIFI_SLEEP_STATE	0x00000004
#define WIFI_STATION_STATE	0x00000008
#define	WIFI_AP_STATE			0x00000010
#define	WIFI_ADHOC_STATE		0x00000020
#define WIFI_ADHOC_MASTER_STATE	0x00000040
#define WIFI_UNDER_LINKING	0x00000080

#define WIFI_UNDER_WPS			0x00000100
/* define	WIFI_UNDER_CMD			0x00000200 */
/* define	WIFI_UNDER_P2P			0x00000400 */
#define	WIFI_STA_ALIVE_CHK_STATE	0x00000400
#define	WIFI_SITE_MONITOR			0x00000800		/* to indicate the station is under site surveying */
#ifdef WDS
#define	WIFI_WDS				0x00001000
#define	WIFI_WDS_RX_BEACON	0x00002000		/*  already rx WDS AP beacon */
#define	WIFI_AUTOCONF			0x00004000
#define	WIFI_AUTOCONF_IND	0x00008000

*  ========== P2P Section Start ===============
#define	WIFI_P2P_LISTEN_STATE		0x00010000
#define	WIFI_P2P_GROUP_FORMATION_STATE		0x00020000
  ========== P2P Section End ===============

/* ifdef UNDER_MPTEST */
#define	WIFI_MP_STATE							0x00010000
#define	WIFI_MP_CTX_BACKGROUND				0x00020000	/*  in continous tx background */
#define	WIFI_MP_CTX_ST						0x00040000	/*  in continous tx with single-tone */
#define	WIFI_MP_CTX_BACKGROUND_PENDING	0x00080000	/*  pending in continous tx background due to out of skb */
#define	WIFI_MP_CTX_CCK_HW					0x00100000	/*  in continous tx */
#define	WIFI_MP_CTX_CCK_CS					0x00200000	/*  in continous tx with carrier suppression */
#define   WIFI_MP_LPBK_STATE					0x00400000
/* endif */


enum dot11AuthAlgrthmNum {
 dot11AuthAlgrthm_Open = 0,

/*  Scan type including active and passive scan. */
typedef enum _RT_SCAN_TYPE

enum  _BAND
	GHZ24_50 = 0,

#define rtw_band_valid(band) ((band) >= GHZ24_50 && (band) < GHZ_MAX)

enum DriverInterface {
	DRIVER_CFG80211 = 2

	SCAN_RESULT_P2P_ONLY = 0,		/* 	Will return all the P2P devices. */
	SCAN_RESULT_ALL = 1,			/* 	Will return all the scanned device, include AP. */
	SCAN_RESULT_WFD_TYPE = 2		/* 	Will just return the correct WFD device. */
									/* 	If this device is Miracast sink device, it will just return all the Miracast source devices. */


there are several "locks" in mlme_priv,
since mlme_priv is a shared resource between many threads,
like ISR/Call-Back functions, the OID handlers, and even timer functions.

Each struct __queue has its own locks, already.
Other items are protected by mlme_priv.lock.

To avoid possible dead lock, any thread trying to modifiying mlme_priv
SHALL not lock up more than one locks at a time!


#define traffic_threshold	10
#define	traffic_scan_period	500

struct sitesurvey_ctrl {
	u64	last_tx_pkts;
	uint	last_rx_pkts;
	sint	traffic_busy;
	_timer	sitesurvey_ctrl_timer;

typedef struct _RT_LINK_DETECT_T{
	u32 			NumTxOkInPeriod;
	u32 			NumRxOkInPeriod;
	u32 			NumRxUnicastOkInPeriod;
	bool			bBusyTraffic;
	bool			bTxBusyTraffic;
	bool			bRxBusyTraffic;
	bool			bHigherBusyTraffic; /*  For interrupt migration purpose. */
	bool			bHigherBusyRxTraffic; /*  We may disable Tx interrupt according as Rx traffic. */
	bool			bHigherBusyTxTraffic; /*  We may disable Tx interrupt according as Tx traffic. */
	/* u8 TrafficBusyState; */
	u8 TrafficTransitionCount;
	u32 LowPowerTransitionCount;

struct profile_info {
	u8 ssidlen;
	u8 ssid[ WLAN_SSID_MAXLEN ];
	u8 peermac[ ETH_ALEN ];

struct tx_invite_req_info{
	u8 			token;
	u8 			benable;
	u8 			go_ssid[ WLAN_SSID_MAXLEN ];
	u8 			ssidlen;
	u8 			go_bssid[ ETH_ALEN ];
	u8 			peer_macaddr[ ETH_ALEN ];
	u8 			operating_ch;	/* 	This information will be set by using the p2p_set op_ch =x */
	u8 			peer_ch;		/* 	The listen channel for peer P2P device */


struct tx_invite_resp_info{
	u8 			token;	/* 	Used to record the dialog token of p2p invitation request frame. */

struct tx_provdisc_req_info{
	u16 				wps_config_method_request;	/* 	Used when sending the provisioning request frame */
	u16 				peer_channel_num[2];		/* 	The channel number which the receiver stands. */
	struct ndis_802_11_ssid	ssid;
	u8 			peerDevAddr[ ETH_ALEN ];		/* 	Peer device address */
	u8 			peerIFAddr[ ETH_ALEN ];		/* 	Peer interface address */
	u8 			benable;					/* 	This provision discovery request frame is trigger to send or not */

struct rx_provdisc_req_info{	/* When peer device issue prov_disc_req first, we should store the following informations */
	u8 			peerDevAddr[ ETH_ALEN ];		/* 	Peer device address */
	u8 			strconfig_method_desc_of_prov_disc_req[4];	/* 	description for the config method located in the provisioning discovery request frame. */
																	/* 	The UI must know this information to know which config method the remote p2p device is requiring. */

struct tx_nego_req_info{
	u16 				peer_channel_num[2];		/* 	The channel number which the receiver stands. */
	u8 			peerDevAddr[ ETH_ALEN ];		/* 	Peer device address */
	u8 			benable;					/* 	This negoitation request frame is trigger to send or not */

struct group_id_info{
	u8 			go_device_addr[ ETH_ALEN ];	/* 	The GO's device address of this P2P group */
	u8 			ssid[ WLAN_SSID_MAXLEN ];	/* 	The SSID of this P2P group */

struct scan_limit_info{
	u8 			scan_op_ch_only;			/* 	When this flag is set, the driver should just scan the operation channel */
	u8 			operation_ch[2];				/* 	Store the operation channel of invitation request frame */

struct cfg80211_wifidirect_info{
	_timer					remain_on_ch_timer;
	u8 				restore_channel;
	struct ieee80211_channel	remain_on_ch_channel;
	enum nl80211_channel_type	remain_on_ch_type;
	u64						remain_on_ch_cookie;
	bool is_ro_ch;
	unsigned long last_ro_ch_time; /* this will be updated at the beginning and end of ro_ch */

struct wifidirect_info{
	struct adapter *			padapter;
	_timer					find_phase_timer;
	_timer					restore_p2p_state_timer;

	/* 	Used to do the scanning. After confirming the peer is availalble, the driver transmits the P2P frame to peer. */
	_timer					pre_tx_scan_timer;
	_timer					reset_ch_sitesurvey;
	_timer					reset_ch_sitesurvey2;	/* 	Just for resetting the scan limit function by using p2p nego */
	struct tx_provdisc_req_info tx_prov_disc_info;
	struct rx_provdisc_req_info rx_prov_disc_info;
	struct tx_invite_req_info invitereq_info;
	struct profile_info 		profileinfo[ P2P_MAX_PERSISTENT_GROUP_NUM ];	/* 	Store the profile information of persistent group */
	struct tx_invite_resp_info inviteresp_info;
	struct tx_nego_req_info nego_req_info;
	struct group_id_info 	groupid_info;	/* 	Store the group id information when doing the group negotiation handshake. */
	struct scan_limit_info 	rx_invitereq_info;	/* 	Used for get the limit scan channel from the Invitation procedure */
	struct scan_limit_info 	p2p_info;		/* 	Used for get the limit scan channel from the P2P negotiation handshake */
	enum P2P_ROLE			role;
	enum P2P_STATE			pre_p2p_state;
	enum P2P_STATE			p2p_state;
	u8 				device_addr[ETH_ALEN];	/* 	The device address should be the mac address of this device. */
	u8 				interface_addr[ETH_ALEN];
	u8 				social_chan[4];
	u8 				listen_channel;
	u8 				operating_channel;
	u8 				listen_dwell;		/* 	This value should be between 1 and 3 */
	u8 				support_rate[8];
	u8 				p2p_wildcard_ssid[P2P_WILDCARD_SSID_LEN];
	u8 				intent;		/* 	should only include the intent value. */
	u8 				p2p_peer_interface_addr[ ETH_ALEN ];
	u8 				p2p_peer_device_addr[ ETH_ALEN ];
	u8 				peer_intent;	/* 	Included the intent value and tie breaker value. */
	u8 				device_name[ WPS_MAX_DEVICE_NAME_LEN ];	/* 	Device name for displaying on searching device screen */
	u8 				device_name_len;
	u8 				profileindex;	/* 	Used to point to the index of profileinfo array */
	u8 				peer_operating_ch;
	u8 				find_phase_state_exchange_cnt;
	u16 					device_password_id_for_nego;	/* 	The device password ID for group negotation */
	u8 				negotiation_dialog_token;
	u8 				nego_ssid[ WLAN_SSID_MAXLEN ];	/* 	SSID information for group negotitation */
	u8 				nego_ssidlen;
	u8 				p2p_group_ssid[WLAN_SSID_MAXLEN];
	u8 				p2p_group_ssid_len;
	u8 				persistent_supported;		/* 	Flag to know the persistent function should be supported or not. */
														/* 	In the Sigma test, the Sigma will provide this enable from the sta_set_p2p CAPI. */
														/* 	0: disable */
														/* 	1: enable */
	u8 				session_available;			/* 	Flag to set the WFD session available to enable or disable "by Sigma" */
														/* 	In the Sigma test, the Sigma will disable the session available by using the sta_preset CAPI. */
														/* 	0: disable */
														/* 	1: enable */

	u8 				wfd_tdls_enable;			/* 	Flag to enable or disable the TDLS by WFD Sigma */
														/* 	0: disable */
														/* 	1: enable */
	u8 				wfd_tdls_weaksec;			/* 	Flag to enable or disable the weak security function for TDLS by WFD Sigma */
														/* 	0: disable */
														/* 	In this case, the driver can't issue the tdsl setup request frame. */
														/* 	1: enable */
														/* 	In this case, the driver can issue the tdls setup request frame */
														/* 	even the current security is weak security. */

	enum	P2P_WPSINFO		ui_got_wps_info;			/* 	This field will store the WPS value (PIN value or PBC) that UI had got from the user. */
	u16 					supported_wps_cm;			/* 	This field describes the WPS config method which this driver supported. */
														/* 	The value should be the combination of config method defined in page104 of WPS v2.0 spec. */
	u8 				external_uuid;				/*  UUID flag */
	u8 				uuid[16];					/*  UUID */
	uint						channel_list_attr_len;		/* 	This field will contain the length of body of P2P Channel List attribute of group negotitation response frame. */
	u8 				channel_list_attr[100];		/* 	This field will contain the body of P2P Channel List attribute of group negotitation response frame. */
														/* 	We will use the channel_cnt and channel_list fields when constructing the group negotitation confirm frame. */
	u8 				driver_interface;			/* 	Indicate DRIVER_WEXT or DRIVER_CFG80211 */

struct tdls_ss_record{	/* signal strength record */
	u8 macaddr[ETH_ALEN];
	u8 rx_pwd_ba11;
	u8 is_tdls_sta;	/*  true: direct link sta, false: else */

struct tdls_info{
	u8 			ap_prohibited;
	u8 			link_established;
	u8 			sta_cnt;
	u8 			sta_maximum;	/*  1:tdls sta is equal (NUM_STA-1), reach max direct link number; 0: else; */
	struct tdls_ss_record	ss_record;
	u8 			ch_sensing;
	u8 			cur_channel;
	u8 			candidate_ch;
	u8 			collect_pkt_num[MAX_CHANNEL_NUM];
	_lock				cmd_lock;
	_lock				hdl_lock;
	u8 			watchdog_count;
	u8 			dev_discovered;		/* WFD_TDLS: for sigma test */
	u8 			tdls_enable;
	u8 			external_setup;	/*  true: setup is handled by wpa_supplicant */

struct tdls_txmgmt {
	u8 peer[ETH_ALEN];
	u8 action_code;
	u8 dialog_token;
	u16 status_code;
	u8 *buf;
	size_t len;
	u8 external_support;

/* used for mlme_priv.roam_flags */
enum {

struct mlme_priv {

	_lock	lock;
	sint	fw_state;	/* shall we protect this variable? maybe not necessarily... */
	u8 bScanInProcess;
	u8 to_join; /* flag */

	u8 to_roam; /* roaming trying times */
	struct wlan_network *roam_network; /* the target of active roam */
	u8 roam_flags;
	u8 roam_rssi_diff_th; /* rssi difference threshold for active scan candidate selection */
	u32 roam_scan_int_ms; /* scan interval for active roam */
	u32 roam_scanr_exp_ms; /* scan result expire time in ms  for roam */
	u8 roam_tgt_addr[ETH_ALEN]; /* request to roam to speicific target without other consideration */

	u8 *nic_hdl;

	u8 not_indic_disco;
	struct list_head		*pscanned;
	struct __queue	free_bss_pool;
	struct __queue	scanned_queue;
	u8 *free_bss_buf;
	u32 num_of_scanned;

	struct ndis_802_11_ssid	assoc_ssid;
	u8 assoc_bssid[6];

	struct wlan_network	cur_network;
	struct wlan_network *cur_network_scanned;

	/* uint wireless_mode; no used, remove it */

	u32 auto_scan_int_ms;

	_timer assoc_timer;

	uint assoc_by_bssid;
	uint assoc_by_rssi;

	_timer scan_to_timer; /*  driver itself handles scan_timeout status. */
	unsigned long scan_start_time; /*  used to evaluate the time spent in scanning */

	_timer set_scan_deny_timer;
	atomic_t set_scan_deny; /* 0: allowed, 1: deny */

	struct qos_priv qospriv;

	/* Number of non-HT AP/stations */
	int num_sta_no_ht;

	/* Number of HT AP/stations 20 MHz */
	/* int num_sta_ht_20mhz; */

	int num_FortyMHzIntolerant;

	struct ht_priv htpriv;

	RT_LINK_DETECT_T	LinkDetectInfo;
	_timer	dynamic_chk_timer; /* dynamic/periodic check timer */

	u8 acm_mask; /*  for wmm acm mask */
	u8 ChannelPlan;
	RT_SCAN_TYPE	scan_mode; /*  active: 1, passive: 0 */

	u8 *wps_probe_req_ie;
	u32 wps_probe_req_ie_len;

	/* Number of associated Non-ERP stations (i.e., stations using 802.11b
	 * in 802.11g BSS) */
	int num_sta_non_erp;

	/* Number of associated stations that do not support Short Slot Time */
	int num_sta_no_short_slot_time;

	/* Number of associated stations that do not support Short Preamble */
	int num_sta_no_short_preamble;

	int olbc; /* Overlapping Legacy BSS Condition */

	/* Number of HT associated stations that do not support greenfield */
	int num_sta_ht_no_gf;

	/* Number of associated non-HT stations */
	/* int num_sta_no_ht; */

	/* Number of HT associated stations 20 MHz */
	int num_sta_ht_20mhz;

	/* Overlapping BSS information */
	int olbc_ht;

	u16 ht_op_mode;

	u8 *assoc_req;
	u32 assoc_req_len;
	u8 *assoc_rsp;
	u32 assoc_rsp_len;

	u8 *wps_beacon_ie;
	/* u8 *wps_probe_req_ie; */
	u8 *wps_probe_resp_ie;
	u8 *wps_assoc_resp_ie; /*  for CONFIG_IOCTL_CFG80211, this IE could include p2p ie / wfd ie */

	u32 wps_beacon_ie_len;
	/* u32 wps_probe_req_ie_len; */
	u32 wps_probe_resp_ie_len;
	u32 wps_assoc_resp_ie_len; /*  for CONFIG_IOCTL_CFG80211, this IE len could include p2p ie / wfd ie */

	u8 *p2p_beacon_ie;
	u8 *p2p_probe_req_ie;
	u8 *p2p_probe_resp_ie;
	u8 *p2p_go_probe_resp_ie; /* for GO */
	u8 *p2p_assoc_req_ie;

	u32 p2p_beacon_ie_len;
	u32 p2p_probe_req_ie_len;
	u32 p2p_probe_resp_ie_len;
	u32 p2p_go_probe_resp_ie_len; /* for GO */
	u32 p2p_assoc_req_ie_len;

	_lock	bcn_update_lock;
	u8 update_bcn;

	int	widi_state;
	int	listen_state;
	_timer	listen_timer;
	atomic_t	rx_probe_rsp; /*  1:receive probe respone from RDS source. */
	u8 *l2sdTaBuffer;
	u8 channel_idx;
	u8 group_cnt;	/* In WiDi 3.5, they specified another scan algo. for WFD/RDS co-existed */
	u8 sa_ext[L2SDTA_SERVICE_VE_LEN];

	u8 widi_enable;
	 * For WiDi 4; upper layer would set
	 * p2p_primary_device_type_category_id
	 * p2p_primary_device_type_sub_category_id
	 * p2p_secondary_device_type_category_id
	 * p2p_secondary_device_type_sub_category_id
	u16 p2p_pdt_cid;
	u16 p2p_pdt_scid;
	u8 num_p2p_sdt;
	u16 p2p_sdt_cid[MAX_NUM_P2P_SDT];
	u16 p2p_sdt_scid[MAX_NUM_P2P_SDT];
	u8 p2p_reject_disable;	/* When starting NL80211 wpa_supplicant/hostapd, it will call netdev_close */
							/* such that it will cause p2p disabled. Use this flag to reject. */
#endif /*  CONFIG_INTEL_WIDI */

	u8 NumOfBcnInfoChkFail;
	unsigned long	timeBcnInfoChkStart;

#define rtw_mlme_set_auto_scan_int(adapter, ms) \
	do { \
		adapter->mlmepriv.auto_scan_int_ms = ms; \
	while (0)

void rtw_mlme_reset_auto_scan_int(struct adapter *adapter);

struct hostapd_priv
	struct adapter *padapter;

extern int hostapd_mode_init(struct adapter *padapter);
extern void hostapd_mode_unload(struct adapter *padapter);

extern void rtw_joinbss_event_prehandle(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_survey_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_surveydone_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_joinbss_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_stassoc_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_stadel_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_atimdone_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_cpwm_event_callback(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *pbuf);
extern void rtw_wmm_event_callback(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *pbuf);

extern void rtw_join_timeout_handler(struct timer_list *t);
extern void _rtw_scan_timeout_handler(struct timer_list *t);

int event_thread(void *context);

extern void rtw_free_network_queue(struct adapter *adapter, u8 isfreeall);
extern int rtw_init_mlme_priv(struct adapter *adapter);/*  (struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv); */

extern void rtw_free_mlme_priv (struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);

extern sint rtw_select_and_join_from_scanned_queue(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);
extern sint rtw_set_key(struct adapter *adapter, struct security_priv *psecuritypriv, sint keyid, u8 set_tx, bool enqueue);
extern sint rtw_set_auth(struct adapter *adapter, struct security_priv *psecuritypriv);

__inline static u8 *get_bssid(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv)
{	/* if sta_mode:pmlmepriv->cur_network.network.MacAddress => bssid */
	/*  if adhoc_mode:pmlmepriv->cur_network.network.MacAddress => ibss mac address */
	return pmlmepriv->cur_network.network.MacAddress;

__inline static sint check_fwstate(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, sint state)
	if (pmlmepriv->fw_state & state)
		return true;

	return false;

__inline static sint get_fwstate(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv)
	return pmlmepriv->fw_state;

 * No Limit on the calling context,
 * therefore set it to be the critical section...
 * ### NOTE:#### (!!!!)
__inline static void set_fwstate(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, sint state)
	pmlmepriv->fw_state |= state;
	/* FOR HW integration */
	if (_FW_UNDER_SURVEY ==state) {
		pmlmepriv->bScanInProcess = true;

__inline static void _clr_fwstate_(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, sint state)
	pmlmepriv->fw_state &= ~state;
	/* FOR HW integration */
	if (_FW_UNDER_SURVEY ==state) {
		pmlmepriv->bScanInProcess = false;

 * No Limit on the calling context,
 * therefore set it to be the critical section...
__inline static void clr_fwstate(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, sint state)
	if (check_fwstate(pmlmepriv, state) == true)
		pmlmepriv->fw_state ^= state;

__inline static void set_scanned_network_val(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, sint val)
	pmlmepriv->num_of_scanned = val;

extern u16 rtw_get_capability(struct wlan_bssid_ex *bss);
extern void rtw_update_scanned_network(struct adapter *adapter, struct wlan_bssid_ex *target);
extern void rtw_disconnect_hdl_under_linked(struct adapter * adapter, struct sta_info *psta, u8 free_assoc);
extern void rtw_generate_random_ibss(u8 *pibss);
extern struct wlan_network* rtw_find_network(struct __queue *scanned_queue, u8 *addr);
extern struct wlan_network* rtw_get_oldest_wlan_network(struct __queue *scanned_queue);
struct wlan_network *_rtw_find_same_network(struct __queue *scanned_queue, struct wlan_network *network);

extern void rtw_free_assoc_resources(struct adapter * adapter, int lock_scanned_queue);
extern void rtw_indicate_disconnect(struct adapter * adapter);
extern void rtw_indicate_connect(struct adapter * adapter);
void rtw_indicate_scan_done(struct adapter *padapter, bool aborted);
void rtw_scan_abort(struct adapter *adapter);

extern int rtw_restruct_sec_ie(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *in_ie, u8 *out_ie, uint in_len);
extern int rtw_restruct_wmm_ie(struct adapter *adapter, u8 *in_ie, u8 *out_ie, uint in_len, uint initial_out_len);
extern void rtw_init_registrypriv_dev_network(struct adapter *adapter);

extern void rtw_update_registrypriv_dev_network(struct adapter *adapter);

extern void rtw_get_encrypt_decrypt_from_registrypriv(struct adapter *adapter);

extern void _rtw_join_timeout_handler(struct timer_list *t);
extern void rtw_scan_timeout_handler(struct timer_list *t);

extern void rtw_dynamic_check_timer_handler(struct adapter *adapter);
bool rtw_is_scan_deny(struct adapter *adapter);
void rtw_clear_scan_deny(struct adapter *adapter);
void rtw_set_scan_deny_timer_hdl(struct adapter *adapter);
void rtw_set_scan_deny(struct adapter *adapter, u32 ms);

extern int _rtw_init_mlme_priv(struct adapter *padapter);

void rtw_free_mlme_priv_ie_data(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);

extern void _rtw_free_mlme_priv(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);

/* extern struct wlan_network* _rtw_dequeue_network(struct __queue *queue); */

extern struct wlan_network* _rtw_alloc_network(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);

extern void _rtw_free_network(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, struct wlan_network *pnetwork, u8 isfreeall);
extern void _rtw_free_network_nolock(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv, struct wlan_network *pnetwork);

extern struct wlan_network* _rtw_find_network(struct __queue *scanned_queue, u8 *addr);

extern void _rtw_free_network_queue(struct adapter *padapter, u8 isfreeall);

extern sint rtw_if_up(struct adapter *padapter);

sint rtw_linked_check(struct adapter *padapter);

u8 *rtw_get_capability_from_ie(u8 *ie);
u8 *rtw_get_beacon_interval_from_ie(u8 *ie);

void rtw_joinbss_reset(struct adapter *padapter);

void rtw_ht_use_default_setting(struct adapter *padapter);
void rtw_build_wmm_ie_ht(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *out_ie, uint *pout_len);
unsigned int rtw_restructure_ht_ie(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *in_ie, u8 *out_ie, uint in_len, uint *pout_len, u8 channel);
void rtw_update_ht_cap(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *pie, uint ie_len, u8 channel);
void rtw_issue_addbareq_cmd(struct adapter *padapter, struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
void rtw_append_exented_cap(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *out_ie, uint *pout_len);

int rtw_is_same_ibss(struct adapter *adapter, struct wlan_network *pnetwork);
int is_same_network(struct wlan_bssid_ex *src, struct wlan_bssid_ex *dst, u8 feature);

#define rtw_roam_flags(adapter) ((adapter)->mlmepriv.roam_flags)
#define rtw_chk_roam_flags(adapter, flags) ((adapter)->mlmepriv.roam_flags & flags)
#define rtw_clr_roam_flags(adapter, flags) \
	do { \
		((adapter)->mlmepriv.roam_flags &= ~flags); \
	} while (0)

#define rtw_set_roam_flags(adapter, flags) \
	do { \
		((adapter)->mlmepriv.roam_flags |= flags); \
	} while (0)

#define rtw_assign_roam_flags(adapter, flags) \
	do { \
		((adapter)->mlmepriv.roam_flags = flags); \
	} while (0)

void _rtw_roaming(struct adapter *adapter, struct wlan_network *tgt_network);
void rtw_roaming(struct adapter *adapter, struct wlan_network *tgt_network);
void rtw_set_to_roam(struct adapter *adapter, u8 to_roam);
u8 rtw_dec_to_roam(struct adapter *adapter);
u8 rtw_to_roam(struct adapter *adapter);
int rtw_select_roaming_candidate(struct mlme_priv *pmlmepriv);

void rtw_sta_media_status_rpt(struct adapter *adapter, struct sta_info *psta, u32 mstatus);

#endif /* __RTL871X_MLME_H_ */