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Linux v5.2.1 - dma-buf

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
menu "DMABUF options"

config SYNC_FILE
	bool "Explicit Synchronization Framework"
	default n
	  The Sync File Framework adds explicit syncronization via
	  userspace. It enables send/receive 'struct dma_fence' objects to/from
	  userspace via Sync File fds for synchronization between drivers via
	  userspace components. It has been ported from Android.

	  The first and main user for this is graphics in which a fence is
	  associated with a buffer. When a job is submitted to the GPU a fence
	  is attached to the buffer and is transferred via userspace, using Sync
	  Files fds, to the DRM driver for example. More details at

config SW_SYNC
	bool "Sync File Validation Framework"
	default n
	depends on SYNC_FILE
	depends on DEBUG_FS
	  A sync object driver that uses a 32bit counter to coordinate
	  synchronization.  Useful when there is no hardware primitive backing
	  the synchronization.

	  WARNING: improper use of this can result in deadlocking kernel
	  drivers from userspace. Intended for test and debug only.

config UDMABUF
	bool "userspace dmabuf misc driver"
	default n
	  A driver to let userspace turn memfd regions into dma-bufs.
	  Qemu can use this to create host dmabufs for guest framebuffers.